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8/1/10 11:51 PM
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Anyone here teach JKD to kids (say 5 yrs old)?

What would be a good curriculum to get a kid started?
8/9/10 3:26 AM
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Let's make one ourselves.

I've got a four year old, so far I've taught her some simple stuff like:

-Boxing stance
-jab, cross
-front kick / teep
-low round kick
-jab, cross, knee
-jab, cross, front kick
(this stuff with pads and also on a very small punching bag)

-shoulder roll
-back breakfall on the trampoline or over a groundbag
-side breakfall over a gym ball
-osotogari/ shoolboy trip
-will soon start her on single leg trips

-back control with hook emphasis
-push and hip out to escape side control
-push and hip out to escape mount, similar to elbow/ knee escape
-hopping over the legs from inside mount into mount, punch from mount, bottom person does bridge and roll escape, repeat

-forehand with a stick
-backhand with a stick
-hitting a ball on a string with a stick (which is hanging from the clothes line. It's a cricket ball trainer.)
-hitting a punching bag with a stick
(I made a stick from a thin dowel for her)

All of this is not really taught, per se, we just do it on the spur of the moment when we're in the yard or in the garage, or even while we watch tv. She wants to do it because she sees me doing it, I don't want to force her too much at a young age. A trampoline is great for wrestling and falling stuff. The grass is fine too.

Anyone else have any ideas for kids stuff? Feel free to add them.

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