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Roy Harris >> Gullotine choke

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8/6/10 9:06 AM
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Edited: 08/06/10 9:09 AM
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As an older guy I don't like to waste energy much. I wish to get the gullotine from the guard. But just jumping into the guard and getting it takes a lot of energy and if I miss I may be in a position to use up even more energy trying to escape the side control, mount etc.

So my question to the bright Roy is can you give me a tip or two how to LEAD my opponent into my guard into a gullotine choke? It would be best if I could LURE a beginner opponent using what they like (headlocks, sleeper etc).

I found giving up side control to lead opponent into guard was not smart. Too many things can go wrong (opponent may switch back and forth to kesa katame, they may try to go to N-S, they may try to get mount, they may try a footlock, they may even just stay there and be content to pin me.). In essense I don't like to rely on side control as bait to lead an opponent in.

Royce liked to lead opponents into his guard by giving up a single leg (eg Royce vs Shamrock II). But I am doing ground grappling without the gi only.

Any tips on how I can bring them into my guard. The gullotine is my first attack option since it is a beginner closed guard move and one I learned a while back.

Thanks a lot buddy!

10/11/10 1:12 PM
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Have you given any thought to a front naked choke?
1/21/11 1:44 AM
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Roy Harris
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What you're talking about accomplishing is quite complex. There are a number of factors involved. Consider:

1. Is this your first grappling match of the night? Or is it near the end of the night?
2. What's your current state of mind? Are you fresh? Or are you preoccupied with work, family, etc..?
3. How skilled is the person that is in front of you?
4. What kind of physical attributes does the person in front of you possess?
5. How you compare in attributes (e.g. strength, endurance, flexibility, etc..)?
6. How good is their guard passing compared to your guard control?
7. Are they actively trying to pass your guard? Or are they stalling and trying to survive?

Do you see how complex this scenario can get?

Here's what you need to succeed with the guillotine choke:

1. Good mechanics that you have trained a few thousand times! I'm not joking or exaggerating. If you have to THINK about where to put your fingers, thumbs, wrists, forearms, biceps, chest, belly, hips, then you need to do more repetitions.

2. Good entries into the choke, from every position. The guillotine choke is one of five submissions that you can perform from any position and finish. You can do it from the top of the guard, bottom of the guard, the top of the mount, bottom of the mount, the top of the side mount, bottom of the side mount, etc...  

3. Efficient "follow ups" in case your submission attempt is stuffed.

4. Sweeps and submissions that come BEFORE the guillotine choke.

5. An awesome closed, open, butterfly and half guard.

6. Phenomenal side mount escapes.

When you can do all of these, you won't have any problem finishing the guillotine choke!

Good training to you,


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