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3/7/11 7:08 PM
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andre - Or, I could be wrong. I'm totally open to that. I'm just saying that if I sit down at a table pokerstars with an online pro and play a straightforward game, he'll read me like a book and then multitabling becomes the only way to be profitable.

 First off, sitting down with players that are better than you is not profitable regardless of how you play.  Why?  Because poker is a game of information (or misinformation).  A player like Durrrr has played millions of hands which gives him a great set knowledge to draw upon when putting his opponent on ranges and being able to make "non-standard" plays. 

The fact is that lydia...errr Nick has WAY more experience than you and has seen all of the non-standard plays you can dream up.  In this instance, you played this hand horribly.  That's the truth.  Sure, you came out on the better end of it, but you should have known that your odds of winning were fairly low based on the way the hand transpired and the information you had gathered to that point.
3/7/11 8:07 PM
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Fair enough. I admit I have a long way to go. I definitely can't compare my skill and experience with someone (like Nick) who has played millions of hands profitably.

That said, today was a $1200 day at Hustler. I'm pretty confident that I'm playing well, despite some serious gaps in my game.

I'll keep working at it.

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