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9/28/10 8:16 AM
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Re-post for Geordie Lavers-McBain of the "Women's BJJ League"

I would like to tell you about the newly created Women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu League! We will be holding competitions throughout the year that are specifically run to encourage as many women as possible from all over Australia (as well as other countries if they choose!) to compete, interact and increase their skill levels.

Our very first competition, the Australian Championship, will be held on the 30th of October and will be absolutely FREE to enter! Thats right, there will be no entrance fee…...it is FREE in every sense of the word! This is because the Women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu League (WBJJL) have been able to secure sponsors for the event, including prizes for some of the winners. Our goal is to encourage as many Women as possible to enter, and by not charging an entry fee, we hope the competitors will choose to spend the same kind of money on travel expenses that they would normally spend on entrance fees to the more expensive events. If they fly/travel in that morning and fly out after the event, then there will also be no need to pay for accommodation, so it will be around the same cost as competing locally.

Where possible the events will also run as a repercharge, this will ensure that most competitors will be able to compete more than once, even if they lose their first match.

The Australian Championship will be held the Nerang Police Citizens Youth Club on the Gold Coast Queensland on the 30th of October, with weigh in at 8:00am and the conclusion of the event being at 4:00pm.

This event, on 30th October, will be held in conjunction with the Queensland Brazilian Jiu Jitsu League (QBJJL) competition, so any male competitors from your team that wish to compete also, will be welcomed. Please check their website for entry forms for that event at http://www.qbjjl.org.au.

Please send me an email to receive an entry form and details for the WBJJL competition. Or if you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards
Geordie Lavers-McBain
9/30/10 8:35 AM
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Great initiative and deserves support, Australia has produced some outstanding female BJJ athletes.

With all due respect though, even if every female competitor in the country turned up, the comp should be over in a few hours tops, even considering repechage and limited mats?

Starting the comp at say midday instead of 8am, would make the idea of flying from interstate much more practical.

Hope it becomes a regular event!


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