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10/8/10 5:02 PM
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Grakman - ^  I disagree with the laws that have been passed and with the wars over seas both. We helped put Saddam in power, after all, and when he is no longer useful we have to spend tax dollars and American blood to overthrow him? If they would just tell us we're fighting for oil and the American way of life I'd find it more acceptable, at least it would be honest. Seriously, what WAS the real reason we invaded Iraq again? The purpose of the war shifted every couple of years, especially after the 'link' between Al-Queda and Saddam was exposed as non-existant. Yelloe cake uranium anyone?

If we're going to fight for freedom and to overthrow dictators, why don't we invade Venezuela? Mexico and Colombia too for the drug trade that is destroying our border and our youth. And we could take out the trade deficit with China AND restore human rights if we'd just take down those dang Commies in Beijing!

Why do we still have bases in Europe, Korea, and Japan? Is the defense of South Korea from the north and Germany from the now-defunct Soviet Union going to be the responsibility of the United States in perpetuity?
I think to some extent, a large war is being fought against those very things only in a covert manner. Dont imagine for a minute that things like the worm that shut down the nukes in Iran was an accident or that we arent training guerilla movements around the world to oust the people we dont want. Warefare is a multi dimensional game unlike in past history. 
10/9/10 5:06 AM
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IBI - 15 / 15.

But I was educated in England, and thus had Religious Studies lessons at school.

 There seems to be far less paranoia about religious content in public schools in the UK.  In the US it is so touchy many educators just leave it be. Not that I believe it is the job of public school teachers to provide children with a religious education anyway.  There is no doubt that the majority of churches and parents are failing to pass on the distinctives of their traditions to the next generation.  

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