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10/10/10 1:18 PM
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A thread on the OG got me thinking about this. In "One Minure After" one of the groups they decide to let into their compound are Civil War reenactors because they supposedly have primitive skills that will be of use. I don't know about that. Most of the Civil War reenactors I know just have to have an authentic uniform to take part. But some Mountain Man reenactor groups seem like they'd be a good place to practive skills/meet people that might be of use in a survival situation:

Here's the requirements for the different levels om membership of the American Long Rifle Association, for instance:

Required Accouterments

•Period flintlock gun and appropriate shooting accouterments.

•Historically correct clothing, suited to the character portrayal.

•Possible bag or haversack.

•Tomahawk or belt ax, hand forged or cast, brass or iron.

•Knife and whetstone.

•Fire Set, bow drill, or flint and steel.

•Period eating utensils, such as bowl, spoon and fork.

•Water vessel such as cup, canteen, jug, or wood barrel.

•Salt and seasonings.

•Gun oil and cleaning equipment.

•Sewing equipment, candles, compass.

The Levels and the Requirements

I.Level One - Scout: Symbol, gun and horn on upper- left quadrant of shield on the gorget..

1.Build a fire by two methods, flint and steel, plus one other.

2.Sharpen a knife and a tomahawk.

3.Cook three authentic meals that are correct food and utensils for this period.

4.Demonstrate the proper loading, shooting, and cleaning of a flintlock.

5.Cast twenty-five usable balls over the campfire, using historically correct tools.

6.Shape your own gun flint.

7.Camp overnight, using only period equipment.

8.Hit a 10-inch round target 5 times at 50 yards within 5 minutes.

9.Do any two of the following:.

a.Hit a 7-inch diameter target, offhand, 5 of 5 shots at 50 yards.

b.Demonstrate knowledge of trap or snare by catching a game animal for food or trade.

c.Make a set of moccasins proper to your character's geographical area.

II.Level Two - Hunter:Symbol, tomahawk in upper right quadrant of shield on the gorget..

1.Shoot a live rabbit on the run or hit 2 out of 10 shots at a facsimile of a rabbit of lifelike size and shape while it is moving at 20 yards. The speed of the target can be variable and is to be determined by the Sergeant at Arms.

2.Spend three days and two nights, at least 48 hours, in a period encampment in each of the four seasons.

3.Participate in two or more of the following.

a.A 2-day canoe trip.

b.A 3- day walking journey covering 30 miles.

c.A 3- day horse journey covering 75 miles.

4.Prepare and present a 30-minute lecture on a period subject.

5.Complete the following timed event:.

?"Simon's Gauntlet".

i.Hit three 6-inch square targets at 50 yards.

ii.Hit three out of five shots at an 18- inch diameter gong at 100 yards.

iii.Set two traps.

iv.Start a fire.

v.Stick a tomahawk 3 out of 5 throws.

vi.Hit 2 out of 3 shots at a 6- inch square target at 25-50-75 yards, total 6 hits.

6.Obtain winter clothing appropriate to your area to consist of:.

a.Winter coat.


c.Mittens or gloves.

d.Ground cloth.

e.Shirt and pants or equalevent befitting your character.

7.Complete any two of the following:.

a.Load and fire a flintlock at an 18-inch diameter target at a distance of 30 yards, 10 out of 10 shots.

b.During a 3-day, 2- night camp in requirement number 2, carry only one day's ration and take all supplements "off the land".

c.Hand stitch a cloth shirt.

III.Level Three - Woodsman: Symbol, rifleman's long knife in the lower-left quadrant of the shield of the gorget..

1.Spend five days and four nights, at least 96 consecutive hours, in a period encampment.

2.Make meat with a flintlock.

3.Improve your previous time on "Simon's Gauntlet.".

4.Organize and execute a two-day period encampment for a group.

5.Do ONE of the following:.

a.Shoot the following targets for a minimum score.

?Offhand 6 Bull 25 yards, minimum score - 40.

?Offhand Single Bull 50 yards, minimum score - 45.

?Hunter Style 6 Bull at 50 yards, minimum score - 40.

?Hunter style single Bull at 50 yards, minimum score - 47.

b.Participate in a 48 consecutive hour period encampment, taking no food, living only "off the land." This encampment must be completed with an ALRA companion.

c.Hand-stitch an article of clothing in cloth or buckskin.

IV.Level Four - Master Woodsman: Symbol, hunter's star at lower right quadrant of the shield on the gorget. A silver gorget will be awarded to each member that achieves level four..

1.Take a large game animal with a flintlock.

2.Participate in a 72 consecutive hour period encampment living only "off the land." No food can be taken and must be completed with an ALRA companion.

3.Hit an 18-inch diameter gong.

?10 out of 10 at 50 yards.

?7 out of 10 at 75 yards.

?5 out of 10 at 125 yards.

?For a total of 30 consecutive shots, all offhand.

4.Complete a 7-day campaign with three day's rations while spending no more than two days in any one camp. This campaign must be made with an ALRA companion.

5.Complete ONE of the following:.

a.Win a first, second, or third place in a flintlock match at a shoot under NMLRA rules where no less than 20 shooters are competing.

b.OR , score 50 on a Single Bull target, at 50 yards using cross sticks,.

c.OR ,score 48 at 50 yards offhand in 5 shots at a Single Bull target.

d.OR ,hand tan a hide using period tanning procedure and make an article of clothing from it.
10/12/10 9:30 PM
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thats some pretty badass stuff right there.

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