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11/2/10 5:20 PM
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Stephan Kesting
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Edited: 11/02/10 5:20 PM
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 My latest (and apparently somewhat controversial) article on Grapplearts:

This may sound a bit weird coming from a guy who runs a grappling site, but I want you to ask yourself a question: why on earth are you spending hours and hours rolling around on the ground with men wearing spandex and/or pajamas?

Really… I mean it’s not the easiest of activities. And it’s sweaty and sometimes it’s even painful…

Obviously there’s self defense benefits to training, but if that was your only concern then you should just buy a gun!  There are health and fitness benefits, sure, but wouldn’t it be easier to just hire a personal trainer a few times a week?

I think that a large part of the appeal of grappling is that it ISN’T a walk in the park! We don’t train because it’s easy. We train because it’s hard!

Click here for the rest of the article 

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