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11/3/10 8:04 AM
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Hey man,

I have a question about Rugby Unions and how it works with pro's playing for their countries. Does the rugby union pay for each game they play in? I look up some players names on the Internet and they explain how they went from League or having proposals from League teams but they stick with Union because they get a chance to represent their home country. Just curious as how it works.

Also I was wondering when the All Blacks pick their team for the World Cup is there heated debates in NZ about who should get picked. Here in Canada when we pick our hockey team for the olympics it is hugely debated amoungst reporters and the common folk. I mean it gets dirty sometimes. I guess we believe in Canada that we could put 2 teams in and still win gold and silver.

Any ways man just interested in rugby down south.

Oh yeah one more thing can you get a life size poster of Richie McCaw? Love to put one up in my little boy room. He has already has 2-3 games of rugby under his belt as my wife played for a bit while pregnant. She is pregnant again and this child has 2 games at least.
11/3/10 7:40 PM
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- Unlike the Northern Hemisphere ignoramuses, SANZAR established control over the player contracts as soon as Rugby went professional, with the Super 12 and Tri Nations as it's centre piece.

- Union has far more opportunity than League, which is why the transfers almost invariably go one way (although some return to League after a few years). When Union was amateur the traffic was reversed and even the All Blacks were losing players to League poaching.

- Any mild controversy or disagreement about selection or performance invariably causes radio talkback to go BERSERK. The level of petty parochialism is always hilarious; Henry is currently getting flak for selecting 'his boys' from Auckland instead of players from the 'south'.

All Blacks fans can be incredibly fickle too. If the team wins by one point, it's a great match and vindication of the coaching staff's selection policies, but if they lose by one point, it was a terrible performance and the coaching staff should be sacked. If you believed some of the commentary on last weekend's game, Stephen Donald should be publicly hung, drawn and quartered.

- I have no idea where you would get a lifesize poster of Richie McCaw. Try the All Blacks merchandise section or www.trademe.co.nz
11/5/10 9:57 AM
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Stephen Donald did shit the bed a few times in the game. Not getting that kick into touch was bad.

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