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Cigars, Beer & Poker Ground >> Kind of a bad beat story, but with some justice

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11/11/10 1:24 PM
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I sat down at the $300-$500 table the other day. I was in a foul mood and really shouldnt have been playing, but I was aware of my mood and kept myself in check to avoid tilt as much as possible.

There was a guy at the table who wasnt a regular. He was limping every hand and would call raises out of position with just about any two cards. Literally.

Anyway, I wake up to JJ and this guy limps from UTG, next guy limps, I raise 7X, which is pretty standard for that table ($5 blinds). Anything less than 7X is like limping and you get a ton of callers, so I probably could have raised to $50 and still had some action. The blinds fold, UTG and the other guy call. The flop is Qs-Jh-6c. Fairly dry board. UTG checks, middle position bets $100. I smooth call, UTG calls. The turn is another heart (I believe the 3h). UTG checks, MP bets another $100, I shove my remaining $300. UTG calls, MP folds (later tells me he had AJ).

The river is another heart and UTG turns over Kh6h. He flopped bottom pair, thought he was getting the right odds to call and hit runner runner flush.

Ok, one buy in gone. I reload. Next hand with him, I flop top two. I make large bets trying to price him out of the heart flush draw that's on the flop. He's calling me down. When the third heart doesnt hit on the river, I shove into a pretty large pot. He calls immediately and turns over the straight he made off the gutshot he had been chasing. The gutshot.

So now Im steaming and I dont want to put anymore money into the game so I sit out and watch a bit. The donkey has had the run of his life and has about $1500 in front of him. He limps again from UTG, gets raised, and calls with two other players in the pot. The flop is A-7-K rainbow. He checks, next player bets, next player raises, donkey shoves. He is called by the other two players. No one turns over their hands yet. The turn is a 9 and so is the river. The other two players turn over AQ and the donkey realizes he was counterfitted and shows (but doesnt turn the cards up for the camera to see) A-7. He had flopped two pair.

Then he mucks. He didnt realize that it was a chop because all three had two pair with a king kicker, and since one of the players had him covered, he had to ship all of his chips to that player.

I was extremely petty and Im not proud of it, but I told him, "Live by the sword, die by it."
11/11/10 6:31 PM
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Idiot mucking when he chopped is hilarious

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