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11/16/10 5:10 PM
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who won this fight?

11/16/10 6:05 PM
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Red threw alot of flailing shots at blue's arm but never landed clean and was hit coming in frequently. Blue landed a lot of clean punches, and a head kick. All three rounds to blue.
11/17/10 10:10 AM
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Khun Kao
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Edited: 11/17/10 10:34 AM
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There is no information provided regarding what rules were being followed and/or what the scoring criteria were. So I'm judging this applying a generic Full Contact/K-1 template...

Round 1: 9 (Red)- 10 (Blue)

Neither fighter established any clear advantage. Blue takes the round for landing 2 clean punches. 1 midway through the round when Red attempted a spin kick and Blue jabbed him in the face. The other punch, a short punch to the head, was scored towards the end of the round as they were close to the back left corner.

Round 2: 9 (Red)- 10 (Blue)

Blue fighter established a 'slight' advantage with his ring generalship. Basically, he was advancing for most of the round with Red retreating. This would not have been enough to swing the round completely in his favor because Red wasn't fighting ineffectively while moving back, he was simply allowing himself to be chased a little. However, after the 10 second warning, Blue took the round landing two punches during the flurry he initiated at the end.

Round 3: 10 - 10 (Tie)

Neither fighter established a clear advantage to take the round. Red started the round well, scoring a punch or two and the spinning back kick. However, Blue came back in the 2nd half of the round with a few well-placed punches. This was not enough to take the round from Red, but Red did not do enough to win the round either.

Final Score: 28 (red) - 30 (blue)


Neither fighter established any real advantage. The Blue fighter JUST BARELY did enough to swing the fight in his favor, IMO, but I must reiterate that it was JUST BARELY ENOUGH.

Both fighters techniques were a bit slopppy, but their conditioning seemed decent. Neither fighter noticeably gassed, though it was obvious that Red was starting to get a little fatigued because his guard was dropping late in the fight (Blue did not take advantage of this, though).

Can the OP provide additional information regarding the fighters and the rules that they were competing under?
11/17/10 10:30 AM
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Khun Kao
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Edited: 11/17/10 10:35 AM
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Sorta referencing my comments in my previous post regarding the fighters having a decent level of conditioning and not gassing out, both fighters were staying relatively active during this fight. There were a LOT of techniques thrown, but from the perspective of a fight judge, very little landed CLEARLY or CLEANLY. There were a number of strikes that landed, but JUST BARELY.

As a perfect example of this, I believe it was in the 2nd round when Blue threw a head kick that was not blocked. As a licensed official (Muay Thai & MMA, and being familiar with the judging systems of other styles), this kick did not score. It appeared as though it may have actually made contact, but just making contact is not enough for a technique to score.

For a strike to score in any full-contact fighting style (Kickboxing, K-1, Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, etc), it should be clean, clear, and have some power behind it. Now, where the judging begins to differentiate between the styles is in how much individual strikes score. Some styles take the type of strike (kick vs. punch, etc) into consideration, and some take the power and effectiveness of the strike more into consideration.


Both fighters did well and should be proud of their performance no matter what the result was. Whether you were the winner or loser, study the film and determine what you did right and wrong, then use that knowledge to be better prepared for your next bout.
11/30/10 8:49 PM
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Great Khun Kao¡ always learn reading your posts

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