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11/30/10 1:57 AM
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Edited: 11/30/10 2:11 AM
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Laptop with IP

Desktop with IP

Both running XP. Both have simple file sharing on. Both have Windows Firewall off and Comodo firewall disabled right now. Both are in workgroup "Workgroup". Both show client for networks and file sharing enabled in the network properties.

When I open the Workgroup in the laptop, the desktop PC shows up but clicking it just gives me the error message.

When I open the Workgroup in the desktop PC, the laptop doesn't show up at all.

Neither computer can successfully ping the other.

If I start>run>\\ on the desktop, the desktop PC can connect to the laptop and get into its folders, which seems super weird since it can't even ping that address. It will NOT connect to the laptop if I enter the name instead of the IP address.

If I start>run>// on the laptop, the laptop still cannot connect to the desktop.

What the eff is going on here and how do I fix it? I would say fuck it but no other computer in the house can use the printer because it's being shared by the desktop, which nothing can connect to.
12/1/10 7:04 PM
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I don't know why, but as a former desktop ninja and now a cisco ninja, Windows p2p networking was always the worst piece of SHIT ever.

Things to check

1. Connectivity - Can you ping each other?

Okay good, next.

2. DO NOT USE the DNS/Netbios name but use the IP address when you try to browse (open my computer and go to //192.168.x.x instead of //Pornserverbox - that will eliminate the WINS/DNS issue bullshit that can happen.

3. If that still doesn't solve what is going on - Manually create the permissions for the shared drives and/or printer to try to get past whatever the hang up is.


There is other shit out there that will act as closed firewall.  I know different antivirus products will do this without telling you and there are many other programs that could cause issues like a Cisco VPN Client (connected).  Stepping into safe mode with networking might help give you answers too.

12/2/10 11:30 PM
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Start with fixing the ping problem.

They are both on the same subnet and ip range so either:

a) your router is dropping ICMP echo requests (a common option in home routers).


b) your firewalls are still enabled on your desktops.

once you can confirm connectivity move on to troubleshooting the sharing problem.

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