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12/3/10 11:41 PM
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Hi guys,

I sustained a neck injury on Wednesday night, I'm leaving the country shortly so I won't have much time to see a doctor so I thought I'd get your opinions in case any of you have had any experience with similar neck/spine injuries from BJJ.

I was sparring with a bigger guy than me (190lbs vs 260lbs) who wanted to spar from standing position to practice takedowns. After a few rounds, he got me in a standing guillotine. I made a stupid decision to try to pull guard by dropped down on my ass. Well he didn't let go of the guillotine and instead landed with his entire weight on top of my neck and bent my neck/spine forward pretty badly. Basically folded me in two similar to a can-opener but in one sudden movement.

I heard a snap at the top of my spine/neck and felt a shock sent through my body. It was pretty scary. I laid down for a few minutes unable to get up. I was eventually helped up but I can't move my neck much and the middle of my spine to the top of my neck is very rigid. I've been icing it and taking some ibuprufen and Robaxacet today to help with the inflammation/pain. Any other suggestions as to what I should expect from this type of injury?

I don't have any symptoms like headache, dizziness or nausea. Also no cognitive problems at all (eg. speech, awareness, etc.)

Also, today is day 2 after the injury and I've regained a lot of movement in my neck.

Thank you.
12/21/10 3:54 PM
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 Dude if you are serious about this posting and not trolling then go to a doctor immediately and get an MRI. Insist on it. A broken neck WILL NOT nessesarily cause symptoms if it breaks a certain way but can degrade over time. Dont play with an upper cervical spine injury dude.
12/23/10 12:46 AM
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Edited: 12/23/10 12:47 AM
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Ditto. I would cancel my trip and get an MRI. Imagine waking up in a foreign country in a hotel, unable to move or get out of bed.

You might have partially detached a cervical vertebrae, broken a spinal process, torn some ligaments.

Google 'injury to neck wrestling':


Yes, the athlete above did recover, but was exceptionally lucky and did receive treatment.

Good luck!


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