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1/3/11 6:58 AM
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Hi guys, I'm having some trouble installing additional hard drives into my windows machine. I used to have 2 1TB hard drives with info on it sitting in a D-link DNS-321, but i've since decided to just whack it all into my windows machine.

The drives show up in the BIOS and they show up in the Disk Manager, but I can't seem to assign drive letters to them. Does this mean i need to format these disks? Is there a way for me to add them and have them show up in my computer without having to format them?

Thanks in advance guys.
1/5/11 12:01 PM
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If you can see them in bios/disk manager then the drives are connected fine, but by the sounds of it you will have to reformat in order to use them in the new machine.

If it were me, I would probably just stick the old drives in another machine first and grab all the data off.
Then just reformat the drives and bring the data back across.

Another way would be to boot into a live linux cd like ubunutu, which should let you mount all 3 drives and let you copy all the data from drives 2 & 3 to drive 1 (Depending on how much data you have in drives 2 & 3, you may need another external USB HD as well)

If you dont have an old machine available or Linux CD you could probably use a Sata to USB cable which you can buy from any electronics shop to get the data off your existing Sata drives.

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