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1/18/11 7:55 AM
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 Hi Guys,

Just got back from the Water & Steel seminar in Va Beach, hosted by Gary Mah (of Mahi Mah's seafood house) and given by Datu Kelly S. Worden.

It was an exceptional three days, and just hearing Datu's stories is worth the price of admission. We had a great time and even learned a little.

A lot of people think of Kelly Worden as being a 'RBSD' guy and he's all that and more. His base is in FMA, having studied under a variety of filipino masters, most notably GM Presas. I'm not super familiar with his lineage, but he now teaches under the umbrella of Worden Defensive Systems and it runs the gamut from home protection to FMA stuff, to handguns, and bodyguarding concepts.

He even did a remarkable takedown and sweep to an armbar in a demo where the partner was mildly resisting, that left my jaw dropped, because he just pulled it out of his ass, so to speak (part of 'the flow').

If you get a chance to work with him, highly recommended.

1/19/11 4:02 PM
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I've been looking for a chance to train with Kelly Worden for many years now, and I'm excited to say that I think I'm going to get my shot this summer.

I can't speak about his credentials outside of Modern Arnis, but I DO know a bit about those.  Prof. Presas awarded the title "Datu" to people who he felt fully understood his art.  The title took its recipient outside of the ranking system--they no longer held (or needed to hold) a belt rank.  Their charge was to be a "research and development" person within the Modern Arnis community.  The Professor announced that he would never award more than 12 Datu titles, and I believe he only gave 6 before he passed (Kelly Worden, Tim Hartman, Shishir Inocalla, Dieter Knuttel, David Hoffman, and Rick "Bong" Journales). 

I have heard a lot of good things about Datu Worden and I look forward to training with him.  Thanks for posting that review. 

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