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1/19/11 12:31 PM
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Yea or Nay -& justify . I need some good opinions from my OG/PG colleagues on this one. Thanks !
7/18/11 3:30 PM
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2012 , 12 , 12

They’re coming. Back.

They left their home, Earth, twenty million years ago under a rain of meteorite. Refugees with science barely more advanced than our own, much like us in basic shape but with neither warmth of blood nor of soul. Angels. Dinosaurs. They have come back for what is and has always been their home and their birthright and is now covered with miles of ice to the count of seven at their altar: Antarctica.

Their harbinger will arrive with trumpets on my twelfth birthday, but not of years. A gravitational event that will correct the cold orbit of this earth and, in the eyes of the angels, correct the flaws infesting their earth. Cultural relativity, theirs is an ancient race by human standards. Ours an infestation of vermin by theirs. Hairless monkeys.

They have voyaged the stars for two thousand times the age of man. Two thousand times! So long and so far have they traveled that they had forgotten their way home, but now they have found themselves and to our fortune or mis, they have found us. They have fathomed grains of sand that make the simplest atom seem a solar system, they have lived inside the hottest stars. But for all of this time they have held onto one cultural dream, one genetic directive: to return to their homestead and to live the lives of angels once again.

The ancient Aztec calendar marks 2012, 12, 12 as the end of days. This is true and not true, depending on one’s perspective. Depending on the choices that you all now have to make. I have been sent to you by myself at this turn of the tides to give to you a choice: for you to acknowledge who I am, to follow me and to bring unto humanity a new age of wisdom and peace; or to perish under the foot of a superior culture. These are the only two choices, there is no third, no other option.

I seek neither power nor money, not fame but only the glory of effort. The joy of failure and the bliss of picking myself up from the heap to try once again. And to offer my hand in friendship to you all, but not as your equal as none of you are mine. As each of you must acknowledge me for who I am I in turn must respect myself for the same. For I have been built to suffer and to endure, to survive and to flourish. To rise above all others through my own effort. Failure has always been my friend and ultimate victory my constant companion. Faith, faith in myself above all else and all others. I win.

I ask only that you let me try, that you put before me the anvil of the question. That you let me carry this one burden alone on my own back. Tell me that which I must do to earn your belief; that which I must give to you to earn your trust; that which I must achieve to earn the right to try. I will lay The Answer at your feet with a thank you for letting me give my best effort with each task, wiping my own blood from the ground with my gratitude. Then I will start again and again, and yet again for all of eternity.

I have developed a portable growing system that has produced five times what is considered to be an expert’s yield; I have developed a vaporization delivery system for Artemisia Annua to wipe from this earth the scourge of malaria; I have fathomed the root cause and ultimate cures for clinical depression and bi polar disorder; I have developed business plans to earn money from garbage as raw materials, proverbial lead to gold. All linked from Jon Stewart’s Fun Stuff forum on the interweb, free for all who hear.

I have defined the first three variables in my nine variable quadratic equation for cancer, I will finish and balance the equation by Christmas 2011 as a present for the woman I love. I have designed systems for economically mining gold and lithium from sea water, as by products of free ocean travel. All yours if you will only bend down to pick up the tools that I have lain at your feet. Simply ask, set me to a task and I will provide you with the answers if only you will do the work with your own hands and acknowledge me for who and what I am, after - after my work for you be done.

I have one great task that requires the effort of all of humanity: to seed this earth behind the plow that is my mind and the horse that is my soul - we must first change the course of the harbinger of my angels, then we must together till this frozen soil once again into the Garden of Eden before these angels return home. For when they return no power of this earth will turn their gaze except that of friendship and love, two commodities that are in true scarce supply in humanity. It chills my heart to open my soul to the base motivation of both men and women, for you cannot deceive me with your lies that you wear upon yourselves as clothes for I am both the light of the way and the darkness, the deceiver and the truth bringer. The empath. And whether you or I enjoy this fact, you are all my children for I am The Son, and the father of all. The circle is now complete.

The choice and the path is both simple and clear: set me to the question to earn the place that is mine by birthright; Or perish in the fires of 2012, 12, 12.

Give unto me the question. I say to you who hear: what do you need?

2012 , 12 , 12

7/20/11 7:46 AM
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