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1/21/11 3:13 PM
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I got a minor in possession on my 20th birthday (im 23 now) in Santa Barbara county, California.

I never received anything in the mail about it, so I made a mistake and acted like it never happened.

I later got pulled over and the cop told me I had a suspended license, and I got a ticket for driving with a suspended license. I was a full time student, did not make much money, and wasn't able to pay for my ticket.

I later got another ticket for driving on a suspended license, bringing my total of amount due to the courts to about $2,500.

They told me as soon as I paid my fines my license will not be suspended anymore. I finally just paid off the $2,500, and now the DMV is telling me I have to go to Santa Barbara to see the judge for the MIP I got 3 years ago.

Will they try and suspend my license for a year for something that happened 3 years ago?

What should I do? Just show up and plead guilty for the judge, tell him my story and hope he doesn't suspend my license?
1/22/11 9:46 PM
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Try contacting the prosecutors office and ask what they would recommend for sentencing if you plead guilty, and if you can live with it. If not, hire a lawyer.

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