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California Underground >> has anyone heard of sado kai Karate?

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2/23/11 4:20 PM
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Kaizer Sose
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 There is a place where I live that teaches and a ranks people in sado kai karate. 
Has ANYONE ever heard of this?
2/24/11 11:03 AM
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sado or seido?
Seido is a common name, in karate and Japanese martial arts. You got seido kaikan (kyokushin offshot, origin of K-1. Japanese full contact "knockdown" karate and kickboxing), world Seido juku (aka, world seido karate. also a kyokushin offshot, although into semi-contact these days), Okinawan Seido kan (a very traditional style that don't approve of sport fighting) and seido juko kai (a joke McDojo style).
There is also a Gensei Ryu Seidokai, that I know nothing about.

Most of them occcasionally use the name Seido kai, as "kai" translates to society or group. The formal names of the above mentioned groups tend to be a lot longer.

There is even a Seido branch/style of Aikido. And I know of several clubs just using the word "seido kai" in their club name with no connection to the name of the actual style they teach.

But SADO kai? No, do not ring any bells.

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