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2/26/11 12:42 AM
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Nicholas Sutera
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So, about 4 days ago, I was partying at a friends apartment. I got wicked drunk, dropped something off their stairs, and decided that the fastest way to get to said object was to jump off the side of the stairs. It was a good idea until I hit the ground.

I know. Dumb. Just to give you a little history. I'm 21, never had any problems with my knees before. I work out regularly. Really not sure what else to do but other then take ibuprofen and put ice on it. Is there anything else I can do? My insurance isn't that great so I can't go to a doctor. It doesn't hurt to much unless I bend my knee or I'm standing/walking for a long period of time. Anything I can do?
4/6/11 4:51 PM
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If your not gonna go to the doctor dont excersice or run or anything thats hard on it for a few months and let it heal. There is not telling what got hurt but it should heal. If you can move it around without screaming it probably isnt torn.

Dont do anything to flame it up but if you do take an anti-anflammatory OTC.

I was around your age 20-22 and hurt my knee ice skating of all things. It was hurting pretty bad, but I was like fuckit and kept running 3-4 time aa week for an hour at a time. Well that same knee has a weird feeling in it each time I kneel on it or run long to this day.

You heal great at that age but be super careful with knee stuff.
4/8/11 1:13 AM
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Find a friend you trust, then look up the following videos on youtube if your not going to see a dr.

MCL/LCL - varus and valgus stress test "knee"
ACL - anterior drawer, lachmans
PCL - posterior drawer, quads active, posterior sag
Meniscus - Mc.Murrays

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