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3/23/11 11:03 PM
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About three weeks ago I started getting a sharp pain in my belly button whenever I would do dumbbell military presses. I didn't really think anything of it for the first two weeks, but then last week I started feeling it while doing incline bench as well. Basically, anytime I stretch my torso/bend backwards and/or take a deep breath, I feel the same pain.

My belly button is just ever so slightly bigger. Not an outie per se and no one else looking would notice except for me. When I stretch my arms overhead and lean back, it makes the "outie" more obvious. When I push it in with my finger, it squishes.

I got examined by a GP today and they told me that they could feel a weakness in my abdominals starting about an inch or so above my belly button. They then told me that their best guess was that I stretched/tore my umbilical scar tissue and that it probably wasn't a hernia. They also said I could resume heavy weight lifting and wrestling, but to be extra careful if doing military presses, although the doc didn't seem to understand anything about weight lifting or submission wrestling or the intensity at which I do both.

I'm now afraid of going back to the gym and busting my gut wide open if it does turn out to be a hernia. Should I have more faith in the doc, or are my symptoms worthy of a second opinion?
3/25/11 7:06 AM
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Get a second opinion ,however in the event it needs to be repaired its not that big of a deal
3/26/11 3:12 AM
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^^True. Besides, no point holding back on your training by living in fear of what if. I happen to have that same EXACT thing you're talking about. Doesn't hurt much but it has caused discomfort from time to time. I make it worse (mentally) by poking at it an thinking too into it. You are too.
3/26/11 3:43 PM
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Vincent Giordano
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Edited: 03/26/11 3:49 PM
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I dont know if you have what i had but i will give you the details of my own situation in case it helps or if it comes to down to it later on. Sounds like you might have the early makings of hernia that might develop later on and is not serious right now(from the doctor feedback you posted).

I had an umbilica hernia about a year and a half ago. There was a good thread if you dig down about hernias and it was very helpful. I found it from grappling actually, i thought someone was digging their fists or knuckles into my stomach. The belly button turned inside out which is probably what you have. When i pressed it down hard it hurt(there was no pain unless you pressed it hard directly in the belly button--an outie as you say). I decided to get it taken care of because i needed to travel and carry heavy cases, etc and didnt want any trouble in a foreign country.

The thing is find a good surgeon who does this type of operation and get the second opinion. Surgeon is key.  On the other thread, they had an interesting argument if you need it repaired about the mesh vs the stitches on the forum thread. More common now is the mesh to repair the tear. My surgeon was a former athlete and he had ton of experience with it and let me talk to some of the athletes he repaired so i trusted his judgement and went with the mesh.  

So far i havent had any problems and i train everyday.  I never had an operation of any kind prior to this so it was my first time going under.  The pain was mostly the first week into the second week, getting up and getting out of bed was painful which is to be expected. I cut the pain meds after the second day but most people stay on them.  The healing process was straightforward. I followed the doctors orders and got back into training slowly and havent had any sort of problem since. So dont worry about the process of the operation and the healing.

The thing is if you are training hard--you have it just be careful because i caught it early and it was an easy simple repair. You dont want to do any further damage or make it worse. I would consult the a good doctor and let him give you his advice and tell him honestly what are you doing so he can give you appropriate feedback. He might say you can wait and get it taken care of later or its best to handle it now, heal up and go about your life.  Getting the simple answer allows you not to worry endlessly and get on with your life in a productive manner.

Hope this helps.


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