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3/24/11 12:36 AM
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 For the past 3 months I have been drinking roughly 35-40 ounces of milk a day along with whey protien isolate twice a day, and with casein before going to bed.  The last 3 days I have been very bloated/gassy at times.  At first I thought it was from a recent increase in green vegatables such as broccoli but I felt fine when I woke up today and am now bloated, the only thing I have had today was a banana and 1 scoop of ON whey isolate with 12-14 oz of milk.  What would cause the bloating from milk, whey or banana all of a sudden?
4/6/11 4:31 PM
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yeah try to get some pre-digested protein supplements instead.

You dont have to mix with milk. I wouldnt use milk unless it is a little bit and in the morning, i try not to ever. Use ice and water with a bananna. Sometimes you can even use a frozen bannana if you plan. I usually put old ones that are on there way out in the freezer so they dont go to waste.

Always remember supplements are like water if you drink to much your gonna piss alot. You take to much supplments and you are gonna get diareha or alot of gas. Some of the scoops/serving sizes arent the right size so you dont have to take what they consider serving size. they could mean one scoop/serving size is for a 300 lb gorilla and not an average 5'9" guy.

And lay off the broccoli.

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