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3/28/11 1:40 AM
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I am currently living and training in China. I will be wrapping up my job in China in June and looking to travel South East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos) for 3 or 4 months before returning to the States. Looking to continue training and learn some cool shit along the way. Thailand should be easy enough to find places to train, but haven't seen or heard of much in Vietnam, Cambodia, or Laos. Anyone ever train or know anyone that has trained in SEA? Any suggestions would be sweet! MMA/BJJ/Boxing/Muay Thai/cool shit I don't even know about.... In Vietnam this place has been suggested http://www.k1-factory.com/ Thanks ya'll
3/28/11 2:09 PM
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Ryukyu Damashi
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Edited: 03/28/11 2:10 PM
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Just FYI, on the front page of the K-1 fight Factory, they show a guy with a belt that he won in Thailand. It is a bullshit tourist belt that they bring out after just about every fight. It's fake.

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