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5/15/11 2:24 PM
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Edited: 05/15/11 2:59 PM
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I just finished watching the Northamption / Leeds match (I don't get live matches).

So, Leeds finished the season in last place, and as a result has been relegated.  I understand this to mean they get moved down from the first tier league to the second tier league.  They are then replaced in the first tier league by the club that finished first in the second tier league.  

I assume for Leeds to return to the first tier league, they need to finish in first place of the second tier league next year?

What are the impacts of having to play next season in the second tier league?  I assume that any Leeds players that have unexpired contracts can't simply quit playing for Leeds because they only want to play first tier rugby?  However, I also assume it is now very difficult for Leeds to attract any high quality free agents to their club since no good players will want to play in the lower league.

How is the club impacted financially?  I assume they play in the same stadium next season, but might have fewer fans show up.  Does Leeds get less money from tv contracts, etc., also and potentially lose advertising and sponsorship money?

Finally, once a club gets relegated, how quickly do they normally make it back to the first tier?  And relatedly, once a second tier club gets promoted to first tier, do they normally get their asses kicked by the first tier clubs and wind up going right back down to second tier the following season?

5/22/11 4:29 AM
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They play Rugby in the Northern Hemisphere?

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