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5/18/11 5:52 PM
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 The rev had a good article about a white man who worked for the civil rights movements. I didnt want to hijack his thread so Im making a new one. Sorry Rev.

I have alot of issues with the after effects of the civil rights movement as many of its tools have done nothing to serve the blacks of the country and infact condemn them to a life of poverty, misery and slothery. However, no one can argue that there wasnt a time for change and purging the national sin of institutionalized racism. People should however get over 40 acres and a mule and move on. The most successful blacks I know are the ones who pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make their own way in the world without exception to their race or the past. 

You can throw as much money and goverment cheese at a problem you want but if the recipients dont want to change then its all for naught. I wonder what these guys and Martin Luther King would say of how the african american community has squandared their new won rights ? There are still black leaders who hang their hat on Mr. King and it disgusts me. Man must move beyond hatred of the imaginary oppressor and quit screwing up their own lives. The main issue in the community is the problem with manhood. Until Black men start taking care of their families, committing to one woman once they are married they are doomed. Just as white trash is doomed to do the same. It isnt the white mans governments fault that large amounts of young black men do what they do. 

I sit next to a pretty cool black gal at work. We have developed a relationship where we discuss things withing tastefulness about race. She has told me the things she despises about white culture but she is married with a husband who has a great job, two kids and they are moving on. I've never heard her say, the govt is keeping me down from being promoted because Im black. There are other little nepotism thins that go on and she knows that rather than blaming it on her race. Its very refreshing. Unfortunately , its rare to find this type of thing. A stable black family who are educated, taking care of their kids and trying to take advantage of the things life offers without excuses.

There are more and more black leaders that are recognizing this and moving onward and upward but the easier route is to sit and complain, file lawsuits, etc. Its like the victimization mentality is bred into their minds from birth. For all of us, it gets us nowhere quick.

5/19/11 12:57 PM
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reverend john
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First off there are black leaders confronting some of these issues

Two the absence of black men is not just an issue of choice but also systemic injustice. Why is the punishment for a $20 crack rock ten times as severe as $200 of coke? Why are sentences for black men routinely longer than white men for the same crime? Can people really get a good education when they are terrorized by violence on the way, in and on the way home from school? Why does every 12 year old know where to get drugs and guns but the cops can't figure it out? How come ghetto neighborhoods have very few supermarkets? Why does the government give people more money if they are not married and cut their welfare when they do?

Three the difficulty in moving out of the ghetto into a mixed neighborhood

And finally we have a culture of labor that says it is better to make no money than make some. I know this personally as I was denied health care because I made too much including my wife and two adult daughters incomes even though they were saving for school

The civil rights movement got corrupted by power like all institutions of power but to blame all of the problems of the ghetto on the people in the ghetto is in my mind simplistic ayn randianism


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