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5/24/11 12:50 PM
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I watched some amateur MT this weekend (good show Khun Kao) and had a couple of thoughts I’d like to float and see what you guys think. This may be common knowledge but I hadn’t heard anyone talk about it really.
What I noticed was that in amateurs the guys tend to pull the trigger at almost the same time, they get into the pocket and fire off a combination while their opponent is doing the same thing. While this happens at higher levels it looks totally different, there is a different rhythm to it. I attribute this to 1) lower skill level 2) no counter striking at the lower levels 3) since there is no real counter punching guys aren’t made to pay for wading in and slinging leather so they just do it over and over.
These are obviously generalizations and there are a lot of amateur guys who are killers. My question is when does this begin to trend away? Is it just a skill level thing? Watching guys hitting pads before fights they looked impressive as hell then it in the ring and went rock em sock em. Is it something that comes from experience and being comfortable in the ring?
5/24/11 1:20 PM
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Khun Kao
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First of all, THANKS! I'm glad you enjoyed the show!

Your 3 observations are pretty much spot on. Bear in mind that the majority of the fights this past weekend were "novice" matches.... fighters with 3 or fewer fights, and only a year or two training in total. There were only a handful of matches that featured guys with any significant ring experience.

At lower level competition, as most of those matches were, very few fighters have developed the sense of rhythm and timing to be good counter-fighters. It is something that only comes with time and experience.

*When* it happens depends on the fighter and the level at which they are training. As a personal example, I think its fair to say I started picking up the ability to attack/defend in the rhythm of the fight before the actual timing to be a good counter fighter and beat my opponent to the punch, so to speak.

For most of my fights, I simply plowed in and threw my strikes/combinations rather than using any real timing and firing them off of my opponents attacks. It wasn't until around my 10th fight that some of the timing started to come together.

At first, it was coming together more due to the amount of time I was training and the number of fights I had, but right towards the end of my fighting "career" (lol) I had finally hooked up with a professional fighter at my weight as a sparring partner, and suddenly my sense of timing just took off and I was consistently able to attack in rhythm and beat my opponent to the punch.

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