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5/25/11 10:30 PM
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Edited: 06/02/11 1:56 PM
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Hey Florida UG -

I've lurked these forums forever and finally have a reason to post.

I have a high altitude tent and generator for sale. I used to practice judo, no-gi grappling and muy thai. Had high hopes of actually getting some fights in a cage but due to back injury those dreams are pretty much over for me. I thought there would be someone on the UG that trains seriously or a local gym who would be interested in using this.

It does exactly what it advertises, simulates a high altitude environment to create more red blood cells to carry more oxygen to your body during any type of physical exercise. It definitely gives you more gas in the tank, and your recoup time between rounds is drastically reduced. I noticed after doing 5 minute sprint drills in the ring, during the rest period I was good to go after only 30 seconds, where as before using the tent it would take me a full minute or two. You just don't gas out anymore.

The tent is large enough to go over a king size bed, or if you use it stand alone its large enough to put a bike or airdyne in. I used it over my bed to sleep in at night, 8 hours at 10,500 does wonders.

Here are some pics of it setup in my house.


Comes with everything included:
-25ft hose
-air filter
(I think I still have the manual as well but Ill have to look around)

Product info from Altitude Tech:

"Model: 8850P

This generator exceeds the needs of most users at the most affordable price. One of the quitest altitude generators in the world with double insulated compressor box and exhaust ports.

Features include:

* plug and go
* easy turn dial adjustment of altitude
* double insulated compressor
* sound insulated exhaust
* 7200 litres per hour flow
* altitudes up to 10 500ft at full flow
* built in wheels and handle"

It sells new for $2450 for the tent and generator, I'm selling it for $1800obo. You'll have to live in FL because it's too heavy to ship (it's heavy and would probably cost 200+ to ship, but I can meet you almost anywhere in FL)
7/15/11 3:52 PM
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judoGTI have you sold it? would you take $1600 on it?

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