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5/28/11 8:29 PM
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Looking for a bit of advice from you experienced folk.

I had a kick checked while sparring a few days ago; got blocked just to the outside of my shin bone and about 5 inches from the top of my foot. It hurt quite a bit, but nothing crazy, just a hard check to a poorly done kick on my part. After that any other thing that touched my shin though hurt like a bastard to the point where I was only touching people with kicks. I checked one more modest kick that evening and it stopped me dead and I had to sit out for a few seconds biting down on my mouth guard in pain.

I came home and iced my shin for about an hour and had a nice long sleep. It doesn't hurt all the time, but feels quite tight. When I stretch my foot up it hurts, and if I put any pressure on the area (kneeling down accidentally on something for example) it feels like someone just hit my leg with a bat.

Any idea what I did to my shin/calf? Any advice on how to handle it? Should I go back to class on Tuesday or give it more time to heal up?

5/29/11 7:17 PM
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Popa Zuda
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I've done this before it sucks. Sends a sharp pain down to the foot. Took some time to heal cus I kept hitting it but ice the hell out of it and if time off isn't a reality like it wasn't for me double up on the shin pads even for bag/padwork. Phone Post

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