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6/5/11 7:56 PM
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Edited: 06/05/11 8:19 PM
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Just came back from the president's cup in Vail Colorado. I had 7 Nanka players with me. Day one there was only 49 players for 12 divisions. Although, there were only 2 mats the tournament was over in 3 hours. The depth (skill players) was good. The OTC bought a full squad. Crystal fought all of the OTC 57KG women. Mark Fletcher was back in action at +100 kg (very nice and humble guy). Pauline Macias (former Nanka player) finally live up to her ability this weekend. The refereeing was really bad but the care system save the day. The new rules regarding body locks and leg grabbing as a counter was explain by the head ref in detail and it really clear things up for me. I have to mention that Heidi Moore has lost about 70 pounds and will be fighting 70kg next year. Vail in a nice place to vacation but not for a C level judo tournament. The hotel staff and transportation was an A+ but it is expense to eat and stay.There is lot of stuff to do in the town and lots of events happening at the same time. Eight of the competitors' flights were delayed and had to register late. The airfare to fly into Vail was expense, so most people flew into Denver (100 miles away from the tournament).Had fun hang out with some these young players and their coaches and there plenty of funny moments:Anna Palmer telling Crystal that she has shirts older than her and crystal telling that she likes oldies from the 80's. Eddie complaining about the 1 and 2 rank people fighting each other in the first round of a round robin bracket and me asking him if he want crystal to fight every woman in the 57kg bracket before they fought each other (Crystal was the only person not from the OTC in 57kgs. Tina being lead by her guide dog, into the men’s bathroom (A couple of guys left with wet spots on front their pants.Scott leading a group of visually impaired people down the steps and missing a step causing a dominio effect (hey they all laugh so it's okay for me to laugh).
I taped the 57kg, 73kg, 81kg 70kg matches and I am posting them now on you tube.
6/6/11 8:05 AM
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Thanks Gary for the feedback. Will look forward to watch the matches you taped.
6/6/11 10:55 AM
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Can you explain the rules? I would be interested in hearing a clear explanation.

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