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6/24/11 3:56 PM
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ok so,

I'm a total novice at home recording, and am just about computer illiterate, so please, PLEASE, bear with me here.

On my computer I have abelton live 7 lite, which came with my Line 6 guitar pod. I've always used Audacity to record myself on guitar, for no other reason that it's simple and easy to do what I want to do with it, plus when I've recorded someone I like, it's easy to convert to an MP3.

But, I really like abelton's selection of MIDI sounds and Impulses.

So what I want to know is, is there some way I can export (don't know if that's really the right word for this) what I'm playing on abelton and record it using audacity?

Any help would be super appreciated
6/30/11 9:08 AM
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I don't have Audacity, but just mixdown the MIDI to the Master Track on Ableton then export that Master Track as a Wave file. Then you have all of your MIDI as a wave file. You can open in Audacity or whatever.

Took me a while to even getting close to understanding how to use Ableton Live. It's really the only music program that will run on my super low end $249 Acer Laptop running Vista. I also use the Korg synth plug ins for Ableton. Bought the NanoKey and it had a coupon for $49 Ableton and $49 Syth pack.

My sound card is so bad that I really can't record audio on this computer. I just need to record audio using my handheld Tascam stereo mic or 8 track mixer recorder.

Then I usually mix everything together with Sonar (because that's what I have) and it seems to work ok as a master mixdown program on this computer.

This is a song I did for my wife's art show, the sounds are all MIDI from the Korg Synth played in Ableton. Then I recorded the voices on the Tascam recorder microphone. Took those 2 things and mixed them in Sonor and got the final result.

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