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7/4/11 11:37 PM
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       I had a cyst/scar tissue taken out of my shoulder a few weeks ago. Because of the stitches, I haven't been able to exercise pretty much at all. Even limited stuff made me bleed a bit. So I've been doing a lot more stretching since I have flexibility issues and needed something to do. And I've discovered a weird issue. When stretching out my right hamstring(with a towel) while lying down, I noticed I couldn't keep my left leg flat on the floor. It inched up and I couldn't straighten it out. Didn't have the same problem with the other leg.

  Its almost like there is a weird hitch inside my left thigh. It starts on the inside side of my front thigh and feels as if it goes through my thigh to my hip. It isn't painful. I experimented with having some pressure applied to the top of my thigh to get my leg flat on the ground. My leg flattened out and I didn't experience any real pain but the minute the pressure was removed, the leg inched up again and the back of my thigh was moving off the ground. I asked a chiropractor about it and he said it was probably a tight Psoas but, looking at an anatomy chart, the weird tightness feeling starts way,way below there. 

I injured my groin a few years ago and am thinking it is related to that. Does anyone have any experience with something similar? Its weirding me out. The pain isn't even that bad but it seems to be severely messing with the flexibility of my left leg.

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