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7/6/11 1:05 PM
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Hello J.R., UWE, and everyone else!

I was wondering if you could help with a somewhat left of center question.
You see this July 4th, I was casually practicing Gi submission wrestling and long story short... after ~2 hours of judo and fighting off chokes by keeping my chin tucked in, I discovered that my chin was massively swollen! Like almost 2x its size!
When pressed upon with a finger, one can definitely feel the fluid inside.

It kind of looks fake, like I had some hollywood makeup artist attach putty to my chin.

As soon as I possibly could (after shower / commute) I began to apply ice gently compressing the area.
By the end of the night, it had gone down some, but it was still swollen.

Yesterday morning, it swelled up a little more, I figure naturally since one tends to accumulate fluid as they sleep, right?

I continued to ice when I could, and again by nights end it went down but it was still swollen and tender to the touch.

I am fearful of this developing into a calcified hematoma. (Like cauliflower ear except on the chin. My chin is beg enough already.)

Obviously I am not going to be practicing nor putting the area at risk for any further trauma for a while.

I was wondering if you could contribute some ideas as to how to effectively make sure the swelling will go down and stay down.

I visited a doctor friend of mine who pretty much said after 48 hours of ice on and off pretty much you just want to let it rest.

It is not a typical bruise as the hematoma / broken blood vessels are woven within the tissue fibers.

He didn't sound too worried, but he obviously had never been to wrestling or judo tournaments.
I do not want a "wrestler's chin" i.e. Ben Askren / Cael Sanderson.


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