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7/17/11 3:35 AM
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Dim Sum Punch
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So today I am reviewing Ring to Cage's Gel-Tech Cobra Curved Punch Mitts. They are available of course from http://www.ringtocage.com/ and go for just five cents shy of $60. I would venture to say that these are a medium sized mitt at 7.5" wide 9" tall and 2" thick. They size wise are right in between Ring to Cage's Mini mitts and their Deluxe/Elite mitts. On with the show!


Construction: The mitts are all leather construction which is evident by the always lovely leather scent noticed right out of the box. I was quite surprised how lite these were when I picked them up. According to my digital food scale they the official weight of an individual mitt is 9.3oz while my Title incredi-ball mitt comes in at a stout 10.5oz. These Cobra mitts are made Very well, I could not find a manufacturing flaw on either mitt. The leather shell is perfectly centered over the inner foam on both mitts and is stretched tight. The mitts are double stitched on the "load bearing" seams, such as the outside edges of the finger section and the wrist strap. The lace used to close up the opening where the foam padding is inserted is like a thick round shoe lace. The seam is closed up tight with no gaps. As I mentioned earlier there is no popped or skipped stitches or other irregularities on these mitts.


Features: These apply named Cobra mitts have the shape of a menacing venomous cobra, hood out a ready to strike!.....well sort of. I really like the green and black coloring of these mitts, as seen with several other Ring to Cage items. To me they have sort of a nostalgic military look them. The main padding is two inches thick and is comprised of several layers of foam and gel. There is also a small raised section on the pad where the Cobra's head would be. I am still not sure of how this is beneficial but it is certainly not a negative issue by any means. They have a gentle curve to them, more than flat mitts obviously but less than say Fairtex or Twins curved mitts that I have used. Each finger compartment is lined with a thin layer of foam and fabric and has extra padding where your fingertips make contact with the mitt. These have an open finger design and also feature a foam pad for the back of your hand. The aforementioned foam pad is enclosed in a smooth nylon. Inside the hand compartment there are two pads, both are a gel/foam combo and are covered in leather. The palm pad is a circular shape to accommodate and support your hand with the curve of the mitt. The wrist pad is just less than 3" wide to support your wrist and lessen the repeated shock. The Velcro is double stitched to the leather strap and threads through a leather loop on the back of the hand compartment before going through a metal D-ring to fasten. A cloth Ring to Cage patch is sewn on the back of the hand compartment to top it all off.


Performance: As well constructed as the mitts are I had reservations as far as to how light they are and the open fingers. I am all for lighter stream lined equipment but as far as mitts go sometimes holding/feeding can be quite an uncomfortable experience when the person hitting does not seem to know how to control his power. The other worry was the open fingers, I have never used open mitts before but have heard of people getting their fingers bent back and injured. Once I began to use them though my worries were quickly put to rest. I was really surprised at how well the mitts absorbed the shock from heavy hooks, straights, and uppercuts. The gel ball for the palm and the pad for the wrist really do their job well. No hand fatigue or wrist pain while I was holding. My fear of jamming my fingers thankfully never came into reality. I actually think it would be pretty hard to injure your fingers once I thought about it. Unless you were doing some slipping exercises and your partner punched your fingertips or something like that, but I be that would be quite rare. I have been using these mitts a lot lately and have had no problems, I guess I was just being paranoid. The open fingers are great for air flow too. The pad for the back of your palm is nice and keeps your hand from rubbing against the leather and helps to wick away some sweat. I can't really say that I have any complaints as far as holding goes. Hitting them was more of the same. These mitts are softer on the hands than my Title mitts but not too soft. It still feels like you are hitting something good and solid. They make that loud "pop" when you have flush contact, and the gentle curve to me is preferred over mitts that are more "C" shaped.


Final Thoughts: I really Like these mitts.....a lot. I think that these focus mitts are lite enough to work on speed, technique, and timing. But also absorb shock really well for those heavy hitters. I have used my Title Incredi-ball mitts for a long time because they are inexpensive and do pretty well. But after a while my shoulders and hands get pretty sore because they are such a firm mitt. I never had that with the Cobra mitts. Air mitts may absorb shock better and some razor thin mitts might be lighter and better for speed, but as far as an overall pair of focus mitts goes, I would be hard pressed to find a better all around pair. Everybody has different preferences but I think that these mitts would do anyone good in their gear bag. These are absolutely two thumbs up for ring to cage.





7/17/11 3:37 AM
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Dim Sum Punch
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A little larger than my hand


My hands just fit perfectly




A good shot of the wrist pad and the pad for the back of the hand


Here you can see the palm pad along with the wrist pad


Here is the pad for the back of your hand pulled out. you can also see the fabric that lines the finger sections


Here is the double stitching on the strap and the leather loop it goes through


Some more double stitching



Lacing compared to my Titles


Hard to see but the stitching in front of the open ends is where the fingertip padding is


A little size comparison for ya'


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