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7/25/11 6:23 PM
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Marcos Avellan
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Hey guys and girls, I'm hosting another free webinar this weekend.  The past two weekends, I hosted the webinars "Black Belt Psychology" Parts I and II.  Both were 100% free, and so is this webinar, which is called, "Training MMA Fulltime... Fantasy or Reality?"  The webinar is this Sunday at 6PM Eastern Time - and you can watch it live from the comfort of your home.

What's the deal with the webinars?  I was introduced to the technology and decided to share with my students important messages that I don't get the time to explain in the gym classroom setting.  Since I was already doing the webinars, I decided to share it with everyone on my email list, on my facebook, and on the UG as well.

Since my previous two webinars, I've gotten a few serious questions on my facebook about pursuing martial arts as a full-time career and what would I recommend... which is what inspired me to do this webinar... which is exclusively for people who are serious about becoming a full-time fighter or martial arts instructor. 

Do you fantasize about what it would be like to quit your job and train full time?  Do you contemplate between choosing following your MMA dreams or following the family tradition and getting the same job as your father?  Have you already decided to pursue MMA full time but have hit a financial wall and are considering quitting back to your old job?  Are you trying to decide between training full time and college?

Let me introduce myself.  I'm 31 years old and have been training for over 16 years.  I'm a BJJ Black Belt, a multiple time grappling National Champion, and an ADCC veteran.  Along with my own competition accolades, I run one of the largest and most successful MMA gyms in the world, the Freestyle Fighting Academy, which has over 1,000 active students and easily grosses over $1 million a year.  I have produced five black belts, coached fighters to fight in Bellator, EliteXC, BodogFight, Strikeforce, and the UFC (with four former students appearing in The Ultimate Fighter TV show).  Over the past ten years, my fighters have a fight record of 188-74-3... which is a 72% win ratio.  My brother David finished 3rd in the World in the ADCC (the most prestigious grappling tournament in the world) and will be competing in this year's ADCC tournament - which is his four consecutive invite.

Why did I just tell you all of that?  Because I opened my gym as a white belt, had no money, and no college diploma...  I lived in my mom's house, shared a car with my parents, and dropped out of college...  and I succeeded in becoming financially independent, achieved a world class competitor status in BJJ, and have coached fighters in the top MMA shows of the world... I'm living the "MMA Dream" and I'm going to share with you how I did it.

I'm going to give you a step by step plan on what needs to be done to live the MMA DREAM... and the instructions I'm going to give you are very controversial and are probably the direct opposite of what your friends and family have recommended.  Register now for this opportunity at www.TrainFullTime.com

I am not going to pitch any products... I'm not pitching any services either.  I'm just paying it forward, as it was done for me, and want to help point some good hard working men and women in the right direction.  Anyone that attended my last two webinars can verify that I didn't pitch anything - just gave out pure content.

Space is limited to 100 participants, register right now at www.TrainFullTime.com

--Marcos Avellan

P.S.  If you want to stay updated about upcoming webinars, please "like" my facebook page at www.facebook.com/MarcosAvellan

P.P.S.  A few people were confused about the "webinar" format... when you register, you will get an email with specific instructions and the link to click on.  Then on Sunday, at 6PM Eastern Time, you simply click the link and watch the webinar on your computer.
7/28/11 12:04 PM
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FFA Miami
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7/31/11 9:32 PM
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 Thanks for the webinar.
7/31/11 10:03 PM
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Marcos Avellan
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My pleasure mpalan09

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