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7/28/11 5:22 PM
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Posted this in Strength & Cond. forum but may have better luck here...

I'm 36 and am interested in getting Testosterone therapy to boost energy, help trim, motivation, libido, etc. but my blood work came back with a level of 668. For those with experience in this sort of thing, given this level is in the 'normal' range would it preclude me from TRT? I'm actually kind of bummed and was expecting much lower levels given my fatigue, etc. Appreciate the feedback.
8/4/11 5:48 PM
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The Noose
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I would be surprised if your doctor would put you on TRT with that kind of level. You should tell them exactly how you are feeling and maybe suggest to them that youd like to try TRT. They will most likely do some blood work and check everything out. They might give TRT a shot, but I doubt it.

If they do you really should consider a couple of things:
1. If you start taking a synthetic form of testosterone when your body is already producing normal levels your body just might stop producing its own testosterone. Once that happens you have to keep doing the TRT just to stay in the normal range. If you stop your levels may drop and if you think you feel like shit now, wait until your test levels are in the 100-200 range.

2. There may be other problems that need to be addressed, You could have some clinical depression issues, sleep apnea, thyroid troubles, etc. that will not be cured by doing TRT. Youd basicaly be throwing money away and probably still be feeling like shit.

I would really try other things before jumping into TRT. It's great for people that need it, but make sure you really look into the side effects of its use so you know what you are getting yourself into.

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