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8/11/11 8:55 PM
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Please be patient I'm new to computers and don't know all the terminology.

Number one I want to have a laptop where I can link up to the internet at high speed.

I want to be able to link up to the internet on the bus or basically anywhere (I realize maybe the side of a mountain or in a cave may be impossible but basically everywhere else).

I really want to try out programming REALLY basic programs. I tried programming C# with my friend (and yes it was my first time and I have no clue yet) and it was really fun. So i want to try programming C# (again really simple stuff, just for fun). Maybe I'll try more complex stuff on this computer one day.....but for now I'm a total newby.

He told me I'll need a so called "compiler"..... and I guess I need something to write the programs in ........ maybe they call it an "editor".

I want to be able to download and save lots of music.

I want to download and save lots of porn..... video and pictures.

I could care less about video games and such.

What kind of minimum memory and other characteristics do I need to have to pull of what I want to do? Appreciate any help boys........

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