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8/17/11 3:58 AM
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LFC 47: Big Dawgs was a pretty solid event in my opinion as I sat cage side. That was the first LFC event that I ever attended and trust me, it hooked me. What is even better is that this LFC 48: Mega event is KILLING that previous event in terms of fights booked and overall hype behind it. They truly named this card by the right name by calling it Mega. Through my constant conversations with event manager, Matt Gunning, I can honestly say that I have followed this event from day one and I can promise a truly exciting show. This event will take place on August 19, 2011 at the 8-second Saloon on the West Side of Indianapolis. Tickets are still available to purchase by contacting either myself, Matt Gunning, or even Jeremy Boling. You could also contact pro card match maker, Eddie Mirabella.

This card marks the hometown return of Sean “Big Sexy” McCorkle (11-2) following his release from the UFC after a three fight stint there. Sean has gained a lot of internet hype since that release by an ongoing issue with Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez. There are many people that wish the worst for Mr. McCorkle, and a loss to a 1-13 Alex Rozman would definitely give most of the internet MMA community exactly what they wish for. Me personally, Id love to see Sean get back into the UFC and all of these wins will do well to get him there. Most of the internet MMA community disagree with that theory though as they believe that Sean’s method of fighting “cans” to get back to the UFC will do him no good. Is Alex Rozman a can? I do not know, but we will definitely find out at LFC 48: Mega!

Also on this card will be Daniel Nuttall (7-1) as he steps inside the cage with Joe Neace (0-5). Kurt Kinser (3-0), the great wrestler from Indiana University will be stepping into the cage with Jay Buck (13-10) in the co-main event as well. Bryan Neville (0-8), whom is a favorite of the MMA Kingdom will be stepping into the cage with Josh Kinser (2-1). To finalize the pro card, we will see Tom Osbourne (10-7-0-1) step in there with Mike Lindquist (7-23-0-1). Rumored to be on this pro card was Chris “The Exorcist” Price (17-3), but that has yet to be finalized and confirmed. I guess that’s a good thing for a former LFC employee whom I am sure will be slithering around the building that night. Sometimes our words come back to haunt us all.

Overall, despite some obvious mismatches by match maker Eddie Mirabella, this card looks to be very interesting. I am extremely excited to see each and everyone of these pro fights on the card. Matt Gunning, Scott Sims, and C Scott McCorkle have done an excellent job with this event over the the last couple of months with the buildup. I am definitely looking forward to being cage side along with Cage Craze.com covering this event. Of course, I will be doing live interviews from the weigh-ins the night before at Bubbaz South as well as at the show itself. The LFC has three more events this year including this one, a show in October, and their 50th show in December. I am looking forward to all three of these shows.

On the Amateur side of things, we also have a great card for the show. It looks like we may end up with around 17 fights for the show. In the amateur side of things, we have Jeremy Baughman stepping in there with Troy Blair. We have been waiting to get Baughman back in the cage after his opponent did not show for LFC 47. Joe Lile Jr. will be on the card as well, which excites me to see due to being the son of a great, great dude in Joe Lile. He will be stepping into the cage with Cameron VanCamp. The title fight between Luis Guerra and Shawn Bottoms has been cancelled due to another injury to the champion, Guerra, but there will be a replacement to step in there with Bottoms. When a replacement is named, I will let you know. I am hurt by this, because Luis Guerra quickly became one of my favorite local fighters at LFC 47.

We will also have an AMAZING ladies amateur fight, the first in LFC history between Jolene Ott (0-0) and Ashley Delk (1-1). Both of these ladies were recent guests on MMA AFFILIATES RADIO and I think this fight is a sure ticket seller. I am extremely excited to see this fight and see what ability these ladies truly have.

Overall, we got a GREAT event coming to Indianapolis on AUGUST 19th. I will be doing my prediction video sometime today to go along with this report! Tickets are STILL AVAILABLE!
8/17/11 3:59 AM
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Pro Card

Heavyweight Fight: Sean McCorkle (11-2) vs. Alex Rozman (3-13)
MY PICK – Sean McCorkle via submission

Pre-Fight Comments: Are you serious? I am a betting man and I pull no punches when I speak. I would really like to see Rozman pull off the “Rudy” type of performance here, but Sean is a three time UFC veteran. Yes, Rozman is a big boy and has a punchers chance. Yea, part of me will be rooting for the underdog to pull this off. Yea, McCorkle is probably going to get a submission in less than 2 minutes like his last fight. However, with all of that said, this is still a fight that I CANNOT miss and thats why they fight these fights in a cage and not on paper. For everyone that thinks Rozman is a can, I ask you to say that to that man’s face. I am looking forward to seeing this fight and rooting for the underdog.

Welterweight Fight: Kurt Kinser (4-0) vs. Jay Buck (12-10)
MY PICK – Kurt Kinser via TKO

Pre-Fight Comments: Kinser has huge victories over Daniel Head as well as Shamar Bailey recently in his young MMA career. Buck has lost six of his last seven, so I basically see it as being impossible for him to beat this young stud in Kurt Kinser. The good news for Buck is that Kinser doesn’t seem to be much of a submission artist, which happens to be his weakness. However, he does seem to be able to beat a man into submission, which is one hell of a strength to have. Coming off his win of Shamar Bailey, I just do NOT see Kinser losing this fight at all. Kinser is definitely UFC bound in the long run and anyone that thinks otherwise is a complete idiot.

Welterweight Fight: Josh Kinser (2-2) vs. Bryan Neville (2-10)
MY PICK – Bryan Neville via submission (UPSET OF THE MONTH)

Pre-Fight Comments: I really got a lot of love for the Neville’s, including Bryan, but this fight looks very very hard for him to pull out. However, with that being said, Josh is not Kurt, so Bryan should have a serious chance. Neville has lost eight in a row and nine of his last ten fights. With that being said, its extremely hard to pick him against a man such as Kinser. He has shown the ability to pull off some submission wins however and that is WHY he is my UPSET PICK OF THE WEEK! Yea, I said it. I think Neville is going to give us a huge upset here. Kinser is coming off of a KO loss, so who knows where his head is at.

Middleweight Fight: Daniel Nuttall (3-2) vs. Joe Neace (1-6)
MY PICK – Daniel Nuttall via TKO

Pre-Fight Comments: I am really excited about this fight right here as a small rivalry seems to have built between these two. I heard that Nuttall was 7-1 and now I am hearing 3-2. With that being said, I am unsure. Nuttal has some amazing ability and I look forward to seeing what he can do out there in person. He has been finished only once, and that was in his first pro fight. Neace has lost six fights in a row after winning his debut it looks like. He had an amateur record of 2-4, so this sport has not been nice to Joe Neace as of this point. I gotta pick Nuttall in this fight.

Lightweight Fight: Tom Osbourne (8-9) vs. Mike Lindquist (19-24)
MY PICK – Tom Osbourne via decision

Pre-Fight Comments: Osbourne is 41 years old and has lost three out of his last four fights including two in a row. He does hold a pretty solid victory over Zach Jenkins, which is a huge win for anyone. He also lost to Jenkins as well, just to make it known. Lindquist has a lot more experience and is only 26 years old. He has lost seven in a row however and really is hitting a skid at this point in his career. He has fought some great people out there including Jens Pulver and Chase Beebe in his career, but losses are losses. 8 out of his last 10 being losses, doesn’t stand very good for his chances here. With that being said, despite age and experience, I am going to have to go for Osbourne here in a decision win for the old timer.

Lightweight Fight: JB Houston (2-0) vs. Dee Jay Jones (1-1)
MY PICK – JB Houston via submission

Pre-Fight Comments: Dee Jay has fought for the LFC in its early days, so I would say that he is ready to get back on the map here. Houston has a pretty solid 2-0. He has shown to have very solid submission skills and Jones last fight resulted in a submission loss. With that being said, I think we may have a serious problem here for Jones if by some chance he is weak in the realm of submissions. I am hoping that he has worked on them leading up to this fight. Going back to Houston’s amateur record, he has submitted four fighters in a row. Big ups to DJ for getting back out there after 6 years, but trust me, there is always cage rust.
8/17/11 3:59 AM
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Amateur Card

Women’s 120lb Fight: Jolene Ott (0-0) vs. Ashli Delk (1-1)
MY PICK – Ashli Delk via decision

Pre-Fight Comments: Two chicks in a cage? Yea, this is going to be great to watch. Both of these ladies were on MMA Affiliates Radio and it is almost impossible for me to pick this fight. I got mad respect for both of these ladies and I honestly think they are the biggest ticket sale in regards to draw here outside of Sean McCorkle. With that being said, I am gonna flip the coin again on this one.

Featherweight Fight: Shawn Bottoms (?) vs. Kevin Groff (23-16)
MY PICK – Kevin Groff via submission

Pre-Fight Comments: Shawn Bottoms originally was supposed to fight for the title, but now gets a man with more amateur fights to his record than I do felonies, which is saying alot since felonies seem to stop me from major jobs with great companies these days. *ahem, ahem* Anyways, with damn near 50 amateur fights on his record, Kevin Groff has to be considered the favorite in my book. Yes, Bottoms has a wonderful wrestling pedigree, but Groff just has a shit load of fights. It is hard for me to pick against Groff here, so I will not. I got Groff winning this one by sneaking in a quick rear-naked choke during a shoot attempt. In fact, I am the one that advised that move in my conversation with him today. Don’t make me look stupid Kevin!

Lightweight Fight: Johnny Neville (1-4) vs. James Bub (0-0)
MY PICK – Johnny Neville via decision

Pre-Fight Comments: Johny picked up his first win ever at his fight at LFC 47. I am sure that he is ready to go following that despite losing at the MMA Big Show recently at the Wyndham. Bub is a relative newcomer onto the scene and in this sport, many times, experience is the best advantage to have. With that being said, I am going to pick the scrappy wild man, Johnny Neville.

Bantamweight Fight: Jason Stroud (5-3) vs. Eddie Critser (0-2)
MY PICK – Jason Stroud via decision

Pre-Fight Comments:This fight was supposed to happen at LFC 47 and never did. I am glad to see this fight take place and am truly looking forward to seeing the outcome here. I am extremely cool with Stroud due to him being a good dude, but Crister’s pedigree is something that cannot be overlooked. It is a hard fight to pick, but Im going with Stroud via decision in a close one.

Lloyd Thornton vs. Lester Wright

MY PICK – Lloyd Thornton via decision

Pre-Fight Comments: Don’t know alot about either fighter, but judging from the hype surrounding him, I would probably go with Llyod Thornton if I was a betting man…the good news…I am a betting man.

Lightweight Fight: Joe Raney (0-3) vs. Demar Gibson (1-1)
MY PICK – Demar Gibson via TKO

Pre-Fight Comments: This should be a pretty good fight as Joe Raney, much like at LFC 47, is looking for that 1st win of his amatuer career. Demar is a pretty solid opponent to be trying to get that first win from however, and I think that is going to be his main issue here. I think this is going to be a great fight, but Demar should be able to pull out a TKO win here. Joe WILL get his first win soon, just not in this fight here. Big ups to Joe Raney however, because he is definitely a good dude and someone that I have a lot of respect for.

Aaron Meadows vs. Brad Wood
MY PICK – Aaron Meadows via decision

Pre-Fight Comments: Don’t know anything about either fighter yet, so I am FLIPPING THE COIN!

Welterweight Fight: Donnie Bishop (4-4) vs. Shawn Sams (0-0)
MY PICK – Shawn Sams via decision

Pre-Fight Comments: The question going into this fight is simple…Will Donnie “Born Again” Bishop fulfill the predictions by all of his haters and once again miss a fight for some unusual reason? I have talked to Bishop and he seems like he is ready to get out here and fight and I am going to take his word for it in this one. Obviously a “no-show” here would be detrimental to Mr. Bishops’ future here in the state of Indiana with MMA. Sams has never fought that I know of and with that being the case, the question is whether he will be able to start off 1-0 or not. This should be an interesting fight.

Lightweight Fight: Joe Lile Jr. (2-0) vs. Cameron VanCamp (0-0)
MY PICK – Joe Lile Jr via TKO

Pre-Fight Comments: Joe Lile is another one of them fighters that has been hyped as a serious contender in the future. I definitely think that he has a great team behind him and that mixed in with the fact that he is fighting a newcomer to the cage, I think this is 100% all Lile’s fight to lose. I think he will overwhelm VanCamp with his experience and pull off a TKO victory. From what I hear though, even from Joe Lile Sr., VanCamp is no chump out there and I look forward to a great fight.

Light Heavyweight Fight: Jeremy Baughman (3-0) vs. Troy Blair (1-1)
MY PICK – Jeremy Baughman via decision

Pre-Fight Comments: Jeremy seems like he has been waiting for forever to fight. I know that he was fired up at LFC 47 and now he is getting his chance to get inside the cage. With the intensity that I saw in the undefeated Baughman that night, I cannot imagine how hype he is going to be on the 19th. Troy is kind of an unknown for me, so with that being said, he has a little bit to prove. From what I understand however, he is a formidable foe for Jeremy however.

Heavyweight Fight: KeAndre Howard (1-3) vs. Chad Eaton (2-3)

Pre-Fight Comments: This is the battle of two men that I probably will be fighting by the end of the year. I was supposed to already fight Chad twice, but a HORRIBLE staph infection (which I posted pics of) kept me from taking. This is more than likely going to be a huge standup battle, and my real question is what Chad is focused on most right now. I can also say the same for KeAndre. Is Chad focused on his fight with Big Elk in September and is Howard still thinking about his recent loss to Curious George? Either way, this is going to be a great fight between two large heavyweights. I am excited to see this fight and I refuse to make a pick here in terms of prediction. So, I am going to go with the good old fashioned, LFC trademarked DOUBLE KO! I do not think either of these fighters want this fight to go to the ground just yet in their careers.

((( I want to make it clear that these records were hard as hell to research and they are as accurate as possibly can be based on both mixedmartialarts.com and sherdog.com, which had conflicting reports on some records. )))
8/17/11 12:53 PM
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Shawn bottoms is my l( brother sand he is 9-1 Very good athlete and solid fighter..he will sub groff 1st rd or ko him no offense but he's a level above groff
8/18/11 8:15 PM
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ECC170 - Shawn bottoms is my l( brother sand he is 9-1 Very good athlete and solid fighter..he will sub groff 1st rd or ko him no offense but he's a level above groff

Yeah shawn is not a wrestler. He has some good stand up, so i would pick him by ko if he keeps it standing.
8/19/11 3:28 AM
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ECC170 - Shawn bottoms is my l( brother sand he is 9-1 Very good athlete and solid fighter..he will sub groff 1st rd or ko him no offense but he's a level above groff

thank you for letting me know.

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