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8/26/11 10:29 PM
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Hey guys , just a question for anybody with any input.

Quick backstory, few years ago started getting a Sharp pain directly in the center of ky sternum. I was working out hard at the time. Doc said he found nothing. Pain subsided and eventually went away.

Fast forward a few years I get it again. This time mri and xrays and all that were done. Still nothing.

Few days ago I'm at crossfit. Which I just started. After working out I Hung upside down on a pair of rings. I heard that its good for your back. After the second time doing it. I got down and felt something pulled in my back , shortly after ,the pain in my chest is back.

It's difficult to really convey what it feels like cause its suh a quick burst of pain. but its literally dead center.of my sternum and feels as if my chest is folding in on itself. I know its very vague .but any ideas?

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