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3/14/12 10:28 PM
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TDRsnake I have no problem with TTM autos, I was just making a joke. I guess most of my jokes pass you buy, but I understand sarcasm is hard to understand when typed. I think TTM's are cool actually. I understand most people don't have the chance to meet there favorite fighter and that is the best way to get something without getting ripped off on ebay.

Personally I have no problem with you or your site. I didn't even know it existed untill yesterday. I was just offering my opinion on your site.

but if you want some constructive criticism here is a little

1. your logo is played out and 1000 mma websites have done similiar variations of " the Fist" and " the Cage"
2. Your colors on your forum are bland. But to be honest i might be looking at the old one according to you so i'm not sure.
3. sites that beg for donations are weak, especially when it's really a fee and not a donation. I am all for forums charging a fee if they offer something in return. What you should do is add some options that make a membership worth it ( i.e. for $20 a year you get access to a database of address for fighters so people can send items to them, or something like that). But call a spade a spade and don't act like it's a donation when it's really a fee.

i will check it out more and give you some more feedback soon
3/14/12 11:33 PM
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Appreciated, FerrozoFan. Sarcasm is tough to translate. Sucks because that is my main release of humor and ya think I would be able to pick up on it quickly. Just tough to do it on the net.

The template that is used for the main site is a black template that I never bothered to change. I knew if I was going to make a site from scratch (used to do freelance web design using Dreamweaver), that I would not have the time to put into it. Building a site from code takes alot of time.

Yes, black basically sucks for an overall color for a site. It strains the eyes and not aesthetically pleasing. It doesn't make for a good viewing experience. But, I just wanted to slap a site together with a free host at the time for a school project and Webs was the first to pop up on google. Webs template layouts are horrible at best and very squared with very little to no admin customization. Plus no database support, which was the final straw for me in deciding I wanted to build a new site from scratch and find another host that supports sql databases.

I have been playing around with a few different website generators with the host that the forum is on and find that when I redesign the site, it is probably going to be really nice. I have built about a dozen sites (mostly fantasy football websites and YaBB forum setups. unfortunately, they have expired over the years.) in the past and I feel this one will be my best. Won't happen for awhile, but it will happen.

When I move the domain name to my new host, which is way cheaper than what I pay now, I probably won't have to take mandatory donations. But, contest prizes do cost money and its tough for me to flip the bill for all that I provide. I'm sure something will work itself out. The site is nonprofit for now, but maybe I can make money off of it someday. Not on the top of my list, but it could happen in time.

As far as charging $20 for a registration fee, I would never make it that high. For the $5, which is basically just a one time payment, the guys are getting their money's worth more than you might think. If you saw the forum content, the full Authentic Signatures section and Fighter Contact Information sections, I feel you would be pretty impressed. Lots of information there for IP and TTM collectors alike and anyone else that just wants to get into the hobby.

I look at sites like sportsgraphing.com, that are basically only a forum that don't provide much besides networking, making $15 a year off of each member and it baffles me. There are over 3000 paying members on that site. Thats a ton of money for just administrating a forum, which is really easy. Anyone with a few IQ points can do it.

Sportscollector.net is the same way, but offer alot more. The way their site is set up is the way I would like mmag set up someday. They really have their act together.

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