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9/26/11 6:48 PM
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 Hi, if anyone is knowledgeable about Silat, please check out for me.  I know there are several styles of Silat and obviously some are more effective or street-savvy than others.  Check this place out and let me know what you think.


9/26/11 7:21 PM
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Missing Glove Tape
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All I can say is that my spidey sense is tingling. If it were me wanting silat(assuming you're in that area), I'd make the 30-40 min. drive to train with Rick Tucci in Princeton NJ. I'm not his biggest fan either, but at least there you'd be sure you're getting legit silat training(maphilindo/bukti negara, iirc) in addition to jkd, kali, muay thai, savate, etc.


My $.02
10/14/11 8:46 PM
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sly fox
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 I trained a lot of silat over time, I guess the question is what are you wanting from it. Are you learning for cultural purposes, for street self defence or what?

The guy in the first links videos are taken slowly, the drills are pretty standard basic silat drills seated. His self defence stuff is very slow but he looks like hes doing it on his girlfriend, so that maybe why. i didnt read his blog but I suspect hes going off and learning and it will eb more of a training group approach. I dont know their style, Jerry jacobs who it looks liek is his teacher learnt some of his stuff from william sanders before learning a  more elsewhere. Sanders is truely awful.

If its because you really want to learn silat as a cultural endeavour, fair enough... 95% of silat you see is pretty poor tbh and the standard in indonesia and malaysia is getting worse and worse imo.

The other guy may be ok but in my experience I havent tended to get too excited about JKD practitioners of silat

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