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2/15/02 2:09 PM
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Shawn Mozen
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While sitting on the runway enjoying an hour delay and an airline attendant that was more suited for repo work than hospitality service I thought to myself, “is this going to be worth it?” The “this” was the ROSS Winter Camp held in Lancaster PA and nothing I had thought about ROSS on that day or before would have prepared me for what I experienced that weekend. After two years of creeping around the amerross.com and mixedmartialarts.com forums and purchasing several ROSS videos I decided that it was time to experience ROSS first hand. As I admitted to Scott Sonnon during a conversation at the camp, my first impressions of ROSS had been very misleading. The field manual seemed nice but frankly nothing special. My first tape series was interesting and seemed to contain some new material and some that I had been exposed to in my earlier martial arts studies. I explained to Scott that “my understanding” of the material had changed during the camp and I now saw those things in a completely different light. What made the difference for me was the chance to “feel” ROSS. People spend incredible amounts of time speculating about this and that. Martial arts forums are overrun with theory and inquiry and yet there seem to be few people out there who are taking the next step. The idea of feeling in your training or rather experimenting is key and is something that ROSS practitioner will hear over and over. Even the simplest of movements provides new discoveries and challenges when we take the time to feel rather than just do. Feel the movement of your body and your opponents. Feel what it “feels” like to move efficiently and most importantly feel something other than your keyboard under your fingertips. I have read countless posts inquiring about this ROSS video or that ROSS video, which should I buy, why I shouldn’t buy, I like ROSS, and I hate ROSS. I often laugh when I read these posts and wonder what these people want. If you really want to know if ROSS if for you, then find a way to experience it, feel it for yourself. Asking me if ROSS is good is like asking if you should eat Italian food. Or better still; imagine asking me what Mexican food tastes like, or what yellow looks like. Questions are great. Ask for help, ask for suggestions but realize that you are in charge of your training. Give yourself the freedom to make up your own mind and the time to do it properly. I wonder where I would be now if I listened to my first impulse, put down my ROSS book and dismissed it. I choose to take some time…experiment with the material and feel it for myself. Shawn Mozen

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