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10/16/11 4:02 PM
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Ryan Wood
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Hey guys, figured I'd share my thoughts on some recent albums and I'm also interested in hearing what you guys think of some of the stuff that's been released in the last couple of months.

Share your opinions on these and other albums, anything goes -- it doesn't have to be metal! These are the albums I've purchased in the last while.
Brief and to the point:

Trivium - In Waves - 1/10
Huuuuuge let down after 2008's triumphant Shogun. Terrible metalcore bullshit and wannabe top 40 radio fluff. The new drummer does "blast beats", which apparently is just hitting your snare drum as many times as you can as quickly as you can, and sounds like absolute shit. One of the few times I regret buying an album.
Check out: Black

Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events - 6/10
While I think Mike Portnoy is a douchebag, his absence is felt on this record. When DT is great, they're great, but they went a little too soft this time around.
Check out: Bridges In The Sky

Anthrax - Worship Music - 7/10
Great album, though it loses some steam near the end. Fun songs, great vocals. Love it.
Check out: Fight Em Til You Can't

Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot III - 5/10
Pretty stock rock n roll. Not a bad album by any means, it just feels like they were on cruise control while making it.
Check out: Big Foot

Mastodon - The Hunter - 9/10
Following an album like Crack The Skye can't be easy, but they've done a damn fine job of it. Nicely blends their old sound with their current one, and while I wouldn't call it a masterpiece like CTS, this is a fantastic album. My only complaint is that Brent should have taken more solos!
Check out: Stargasm

Machine Head - Unto The Locust - 10/10
Their last album, The Blackening was called metal album of the decade by many, and while this definitely isn't The Blackening 2, it is an absolute onslaught of metally goodness. Guaranteed to induce whiplash, insane guitar work and excellent song writing really shine through here. Perfect album.
Check out: The whole album!! If not, at least listen to This Is The End, as well as Darkness Within.

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