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10/28/11 12:52 PM
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Marcos Avellan
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 www.MMAmillionairesLA.com - MMA Millionaires Los Angeles - November 17 to 19, 2011

This is for SCHOOL OWNERS.  If you aren't a school owner, don't take this the wrong way, but I really don't care to hear your opinion on how Lloyd's style of marketing is wack or how Lloyd is a sell out or how I am his puppet, etc.  I do care about everyone's opinion (because I care about people) but when it comes to this one matter... I really don't care about your opinion if you aren't a school owner (just with this matter).

Why?  Because you have no freaking clue what it is to own your own gym.  Most people think owning a gym isn't even a real job!  I've heard people say comments like, "I wish I could own a gym like you, instead I have to work a real job and run in the rat race..." and they don't say it as an insult... they genuinely think us school owners live some sort of cake walk fantasy life... that we just show up two or three hours a day to teach our classes, train, and then go home and collect a check.

They don't realize the 60 to 80 hour weeks we put in, obsessing about our gyms ALL day, the sacrifices we make with our families to keep our gyms afloat, the stressed out nights wondering how we are going to pay our gym and home bills, the thoughts of closing our gyms and wondering what we would do if the gym did close down...  and for a lot of us, these sort of feelings and emotions go on for YEARS.  It is like waterboarding - you feel like your drowning but you sort of aren't... you are just barely surviving.

That is how I was before I met Master Lloyd Irvin.  What has happened since?  Freedom.  Anything I can imagine, I am able to do.  I started out with an 1800 sq ft gym that was just a set of mats, one heavy bag, and some pads... now I have an 12,000 sq ft facility, four full size training rooms, a private lesson room, a full size cage, a full size boxing ring, a full size weight room, two locker rooms with showers, tractor tires outside along with box jumps, hurdles, etc., a 24 hour gym, a website with updated videos every month of our monthly curriculum for our students, and a thousand students between my two gyms in Miami and Davie... (yes, I own two gyms).

The coolest thing is that now I am able to do it all... I have over 40 law enforcement and military that train at my gym, with incredible stories about how our style of self defense has saved their lives.  Today, I just filmed a testimonial from a student with a huge scar on his head that said he got attacked by four guys (hence the huge scar) when getting into his car.  The fight was so dramatic, the guy pulled out one of the eyes of his attackers.  He was able to fight off the attackers - and said on video that if it weren't for the training at the gym, he would probably be dead.  I have a few of these testimonials, including a cop who disarmed a knife attack.  These are my friends that I have helped save their lives with my teaching that I did with my own hands - it is an amazing feeling.

Then on the flip side, I recently made a calendar for my fitness program with about 24 women who have had life altering before & after pics.  The calendar was to celebrate their success.  However, we have MANY more men and women with these kind of fitness goals.

How about fighting and competition?  At the time I am telling you this, since 2001, we have had a fight record of 192-74-3 (72% win rate), have had four grapplers compete in the ADCC (with David Avellan competing four consecutive times and having placed 3rd under 88kg in 2009), have produced a FILA grappling world champion in Jason Soares in 2011, and have had fighters fight on TV for Bellator, Strikeforce, EliteXC, Bodogfight, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and other shows.  We have also had four former students appear on four different seasons of "The Ultimate Fighter" on TV!  On top of that, I was able to send our instructors and fighters training around the world - kickboxing in Thailand, boxing in Cuba, and grappling in Brazil! 

Why do I bring up all these things?  Is it to brag?

No.  I don't need to brag.  I'm plenty happy and secure with my accomplishments.

I bring it up because I slow stepped big time on taking the right steps to developing a successful gym... and the main reason was because "I didn't want to be a sell out..."   I was under the impression that the only way you could create a successful gym was to water down your style and "sell out".  I'm sharing my story with others that have the same concern to show that isn't the case.

My gym is more hardcore, produces higher quality martial artists, and helps MORE people than ever before.

WHY......... MASTER LLOYD IRVIN.  The man showed me the path and gave me the FREEDOM to make my dreams possible.

I got two videos for you to watch... my testimonial, which tells my story, shows my original gym, and gives a tour of my gym today: http://www.mixedmartialartsmillionaires.com/thankslloyd/

The second video is a video commercial of my gym today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wlFOXuJS0M

Guys, this isn't a joke - this is real life.  I was broke as hell ($20k in debt), super depressed, living out of my mom's house, and had no back-up plan (never finished college).  I went from having that situation, opening my gym as a 21 year old white belt with ZERO business experience or money, from having a hole-in-the-wall gym... to now having a super facility, dream team staff (I have 30 staff members), and an incredible team of students that are my family.  Now if I think of something, like, "It would be cool to have monkey bars go across the entire gym in all the training rooms..." boom... one week later it is done... (just happened). 

Why don't you take the plunge and start learning the blueprint that I learned from to do this.  99% of us aren't competing against each other, we are spread out all across the country.  Come to Master Lloyd's event on November 17 in Los Angeles and get a peek at what we are doing.  If you are a struggling gym owner - then this one event will forever change the lives of you, your family, and your students.

And to the haters and non-gym owners, I don't expect you to understand.  I genuinely don't take offense because you haven't been in my shoes and don't understand what it is like.

When you come to the event, please introduce yourself to me.  And if you were at a previous Lloyd Irvin event or have gotten any of Master Lloyd's materials (emails, webinars, etc.) and enjoyed it, please post on here and give a chance for other gym owners to realize the opportunity that is being presented.

Ok, hope my message can save at least ONE school owner from suffering another year of desperation.  Get the tools guys.  The November LA event.  I'm going to be there with a few of my staff.


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