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Scott Sonnon >> Endogenic Breathing Device........

3/27/03 1:48 PM
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Edited: 27-Mar-03
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i was wondering, do any of you use it and what do you think about it?
3/27/03 5:28 PM
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Edited: 27-Mar-03
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Yes, I have been experimenting with it for about 6-8 weeks now. Now, let's get gross for a minute. For about 6 years I have had a skin disease on my fingers. They sporadicaly split and bleed...sometimes the splits go under the fingernail. My fingers are always bleeding. Considering that your skin is supposed to be a "third lung" I was hoping that this is one area that would improve. I also have blackheads because of where I work. I wasn't even thinking about them. However, one day while shaving I noticed how clean my nose looked. On closer inspection I noticed my nose was virtually blackhead free!! I actually was laughing! Anyhow, my fingers started healing up...there is still a bit of scar tissue though. But, for the first time in 6 years my fingers aren't hurting or bleeding. There is a good bit of psychological weight (that I wasn't aware of) that has shed off with it. The only other thing I have noticed is that my lungs feel "open" more. I don't know another way to put it. It is easier to breathe (when not using it). So it took approx. 8 weeks for me to notice anything. There may be other things I am not aware of...I am in the beginning stages of it. I'm not sure what amount if any, COULD be placebic. All I know is that after 6 years...this is the first relief I have had. Take what you want from that. The ONLY drawback of the device is the gurgling. I like to watch the news for a half hour before retiring and because of the gurgling I have to put the TV up louder than usual. I have found it difficult to read while doing it. I'm not sure what else to do while using it. It can get quite boring using the device w/o some distraction IMO. Also, people may think you have "lost it" when you bring it out and begin using it! ;-) Of course, this drawback is nothing major. I will continue you to use it, no doubt. Aus
3/31/03 11:01 PM
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Edited: 31-Mar-03
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I read about it, thought about it, and then made my own. I'm not about to describe how, as I question my sanity. But it's just about 8 times as large and I can put it in a backpack and go for a brisk walk. There is NOTHING like the feeling of a moderate walk of just 1.8 miles (my route) with this thing. It's a bit weird, but I can feel a difference after only 2 weeks. My inhalations have taken on a different sensation. It's not for everyone, but if you like exploring what your body can do, this is a nifty training device. And yes, the noise will remind you of your misspent youth. Just turn up the Pink Floyd and turn on the black light....but perhaps I've said too much. Vince

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