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SoundGround >> Yamaha KX-88 MIDI to Win7 trouble

12/25/11 11:27 PM
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Ham and Egger
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Trying to attach the KX88 to computer running windows 7.

I am using a generic cheapo MIDI to USB cable.

The in cable is connected to the out MIDI port.

Im using Linux Multimedia Studio which is compatible with windows 7.

Windows will not detect the MIDI controller so the Yamaha driver will not install. I just get an error message saying that no device is detected.

Is there someone thing I am missing? Is the cheap MIDI/USB cable the problem?

Ive been google searching all day but cant find anything to resolve the situation.

I am about to throw this 100LB steel behemoth through the window.
12/30/11 5:55 PM
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The midi to usb thing is really the only thing it can be. Your PC won't be able to tell what's plugged in to the midi adapter no matter what it is.

I'm a little curious about what the yamaha driver is even supposed to do, unless there's a usb/firewire connection on the keyboard proper.

There's a possiblity that there's a problem with the PC's USB directly, but you would probably have figured that out already simply by trying out any other USB powered doohickey.

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