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1/5/13 9:44 AM
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Gokudamus stole my name
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Most people overestimate their bodyfat percentage. The 5,11 220 pound guy who claims to be 10% bodyfat is often closer to 15%.

There is actually a fairly simple formula to calculate drug free mass. Height (in cm) - 100

Its far from exact, more of an estimate but it still works

a 5,11 (180 cm) guy that is absolutely jacked would be 176 pounds (80kg) without drugs. And by jacked i mean like 7% bodyfat

1/6/13 1:13 PM
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waxwing slain - Sorry for the delay – wanted to type on a real computer and not the app. Apologize for FRAT in advance – will put a high level summary at the end for the short attention span.

To cut to the chase, the story does not turn out with me gaining 10lbs of muscle. But, at least to my mind, it has a happy ending. My goals ended up evolving with the circumstances of my health, but ultimately I’m much stronger, injury free, and set up for a big year lifting in 2013.

So out of the gate the first thing I did a year ago was alter my diet. I had no idea how much food you had to eat to pack on that kind of mass, and honestly, I don’t think I hit my goal of 270g of protein/day (1.5g per lb of goal weight, 180) more than 3 times a week. The weekends were easy; the workweek was extremely hard (I also travel 2-3 month including international). I got as close as possible by eating plain greek yogurt with walnuts between meals and big protein shakes before bed.

The first obstacle – in March I suddenly developed a nasty case of tennis elbow in my right arm. I’ve struggled with elbow issues in the past (my first non-troll post on MMA.tv as this screen name in ’08 was about my golfer’s elbow in my left arm). I went to an ortho who tried to give me injections, which are controversial in tennis/golfer’s elbow as the injuries are most likely NOT tendonitis, but small tears that are not helped by steroids.

Instead of taking the steroid injections or laying off for several weeks, I decided to completely re-evaluate my training. Honestly, I was mostly using a “bodybuilding” type 5 day a week split with multiple exercises, isolation movements, and high reps.

Based on a suggestion on this forum, I switched to Stronglifts 5x5 in late March. What a huge fucking game-changer. I was able to do just the basic multi-joint lifts (with a bit of an aide from a tennis elbow strap) without any pain. By July the tennis elbow was completely resolved and the lingering golfer’s elbow was gone as well.

In July I decided to make a slight modification from Stronglifts to Wendler’s 5/3/1. I’ll be honest – I did this because squatting that much was wiping me out (given my work schedule and general vaginess) and I felt like my progress was being stunted in the other movements. I haven’t looked back. 6 straight months of 5/3/1 has absolutely helped me shatter my PRs in all my lifts. I’m the strongest I've ever been. I’ll get to the % increases in a moment.

So…here’s where the hiccup in my plan comes along. In August I went in for my annual physical. I was up to 178 lbs from 169.5 in January 2012, but it was pretty obviously not all muscle. I wasn’t worried all that much as I figured I was following Arnold’s advice of bulking up the foundation and could cut later.

The problem? My fucking cholesterol was through the roof. My totals were in the 270s and my good cholesterol was at a very minimal 43ish. I’d been eating a very high fat diet and eating way, way too much red meat. So starting in Aug/Sept, I decided the goal was no longer to be 10lbs of muscle heavier, but just to be as strong as I could possibly be.
FRAT Summary

174lbs, same approximate bf% as before. Approximately 4lbs of muscle added. Nagging tennis and golfer’s elbow gone. Switched from traditional bodybuilding training to just the basic multi-joint lifts following 5/3/1.

1RM increases since I assessed maxes back in March 2012.

Bench – 1RM up 20 lbs. A little disappointed, but I’m training with an experience partner now and he’s pushing me hard every week.

Press – 1 RM up 30 lbs (for the record I had never done standing press, just DB press, so I’m most proud of this increase). What a hard fucking lift.

Squat – 1RM up 45 lbs

DL 1 RM up 50lbs

I get my cholesterol re-checked in February…if it’s back down to healthy levels I will consider the whole thing a big success.

Can you give us an example of your daily meals?

1/6/13 1:34 PM
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waxwing slain
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^ pre or post bad cholesterol test? Phone Post
1/7/13 8:31 AM
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Dogmeat 1
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genetics play a huge part in how your body responds to training but in general 10lbs in a year is not an unrealistic goal if someone trains and eats right. I am by no means an expert but I've trained around enough of them to see generally what works. The problem is most people don't do one or the other and then are too quick to claim it's impossible to do without using drugs, which shows a misunderstanding of both how bodybuilding and steroids work.

Keep in mind there is a world of difference in the training and diet of a regular guy using bodybuilding to get a bit bigger and that of a competitive panty wearing bodybuilding who may weigh in 250-300+lbs in the off-season. A regular guy doesn't have to stuff themselves to make gains or resort to drug but they do need to eat enough generate a calorie surplus while at the same time doing enough volume and work. Getting enough protein is important but 270g is way too much and it's no wonder your diet was causing you issues. For most trainees around 1.2g per KG of bodyweight is more than enough; even people trying to bulk are unlikely to need more than 1.6-1.8 per KG unless they are one of those before mentioned competitive bodybuilders. I've personally never really gone over 200g a day and 120-150g is more typical.

A more sustainable diet would be to look at what you are eating to stay lean and then add 500-1000 calories to that. If you avoid doing too much cardio and make sure you are doing enough volume/work with your lifts then you will likely make gains. You will put on fat which is why it is best to get lean before starting a bulk. A lot of people panic nowadays as soon as they see any flab and start dieting too early hence killing their overall gains. For a solid 10lbs with average genetics gain you are looking at at least a 20-25+lbs gain overall. If you are already lean then 10lbs of fat really isn't going to make you look too bad. Then once you feel you have made sufficient muscle gains you can diet it off.

Finally as latently gay and annoying bodybuilding sites tend to be, they are still a good online source for learning the ins and outs of gaining weight. It's always good to learn from people have successfully achieved the type of goals you are looking for and in your case that's more likely going to be on a bodybuilding site than an mma one.
1/12/13 12:20 PM
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Willy the Coyote - I'm wondering the same thing, but am 28 and have never lifted for extended periods of time. Currently I weigh 165, but would love to bulk up to 175/180. Phone Post
This is more realistic. Still not easy Phone Post

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