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1/18/12 12:23 PM
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 Does anyone here have experience selling e-books?  I have spent the past ~18 months buying properties at foreclosure auctions in Florida and reselling them, and I have done very well.  As I taught myself this business, I compiled a lot of notes regarding all of the legal issues that I have encountered along the way, and how I resolved them.  I am a lawyer, but I never knew half of what I know now before being forced to deal with it first hand.  

Anyways, I have a lot of content written and I figure it won't take me too long to reshape it into a book, but I'm not sure what kind of market there is for this kind of product since the book would be largely specific to Florida...the law varies state to state, and while many of the rules will be the same nationwide, much of the information I would be providing is specific Florida law and I would not be comfortable calling the book anything other than a guidebook for investing in Florida foreclosures.  Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties all conduct foreclosure sales online and attract a worldwide audience, so I do have some hope that there may be a significant audience out there.

My book would be more like a practical handbook rather than a how-to program to follow.  I'm not interested in telling people to do something like run around posting a bunch of flyers saying "I'll buy your house for cash, no matter what you owe!" or mass-mailing people based on county records.  Instead I would explain how to deal with all of the common(and sometimes not so common) issues that may arise when investing in foreclosures in Florida.  Such as: 

What are your rights and responsibilities with regard to past due Condo Association fees owed on a property that you purchase?  What about legal fees, interest, late fees, etc. owed to the Association before you take title?   How can a Federal Tax Lien affect title to the property?   What happens when a plaintiff or defendant files a motion to vacate the sale in which you were the winning bidder?  What happens when an SBA loan is named as a defendant in a foreclosure suit?  What happens if the defendant files bankruptcy before the foreclosure sale, but the Clerk mistakenly proceeds with the sale and you buy the property?  How do you deal with an unwanted occupant given the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009?  How does a bankruptcy filing affect a judgment lien?  Why does the date of the filing of the lien matter?  Why is the date of the Lis Pendens significant?  What do you check for to make sure the Lis Pendens is not legally deficient?  What happens if you buy a property and find out that the plaintiff mistakenly ommitted a necessary defendant in the foreclosure?  In what circumstances would you want to bid on a Condo Association lien?  All title insurance underwriters have published bulletins that they will not rely on small value lien foreclosures(such as Condo Association liens) to insure title...if you buy a property by bidding on a small value lien, how do you deal with this problem?(If a buyer can't get a title insurance policy, you can't resell!) .  How do you form a beneficial tax structure for your investments so you can take advantage of the long term capital gains tax even when you are reselling individual properties in less than a year?  Etc...

I think I have a lot of very specific and very valuable information and am only interested in writing an e-book because I think it would really be a high quality product.  Do you guys think this type of product would sell?  Where should such a product be sold and how should it be marketed?  Clickbank seems to be targeted more towards shady get-rich quick garbage...I am not interested in making some sleezy looking sales page and pushing some bullshit product full of fluff while marketing myself as some foreclosures guru.  Is it possible to publish and sell anonymously on Clickbank?  At the same time, I do not want affiliates to go wild making outrageous claims about this being some kind of "guaranteed millions" product. 

Any other suggestions/advice?
3/16/12 1:03 AM
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Yes it would sell. The reason you see so many of those sales page type sites selling ebooks is for one very simple reason... they work, and they work real good. There is actually a lot of psychological factors that go into those sales letters that get people to open their wallets and pull out their credit cards, not an easy feat.

You can't be anonymous to clickbank, but you can be anonymous on your website. However, you will want to word everything so that the potential buyer knows they are dealing with an individual who actually has used the methods. Giveing your name (or a name) will make your site seem more credible. Credibility goes far when trying to make internet sales.

Affiliates on clickbank are not allowed to just guy wild and make crazy claims with your product. You set up all the affiliate guidelines they must follow. You can remove them as one of your affiliates of they break your rules.

You can also get you own merchant account and take credit cards online. The good thing about that is the money is deposited into you account every day. Versus 2 times a month with clickbank. Not to mention clickbank will hold a reserve of your sales. This means that at any given time clickbank will 2 weeks to 1 months worth of your sales. So all sales between say Jan 1 and Jan 15. You will not get that money until Feb 1st. So basically

But we are getting way ahead of ourselves. Building a website and setting up a merchant account is easy. Writing a good sales letter is not so easy but that's not the hard part either. What you need to make money is traffic to your site. And for that you are going to need to know SEO (Search Engine Optimization. That's a whole nother hurdle but can be self taught.

I also might add the "sales letter" type website is not the only type of site you can use to market your add. There are a couple other effective options. But I can spend all day writing about internet marketing here. Just wanted to give you some input on your question. BTW I have been an internet marketer for 11 years. I actually got my start with a "How to..." website. Let me know if you have any more questions or send me a PM
10/5/12 8:33 PM
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If you dont use clickbank and sell them yourself with your own merchant account, use a platform called modular merchant for your storefront and to deliver the content to the customers. Its a great software for selling digital products and tracking your sales numbers. You can also get affiliates and track their commissions, give out discount codes, and some other cool things.

I used them to sel digital download product for a few years. I tried several other storefronts before this, but this was the best i found for selling digital products.
11/29/12 1:01 AM
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If you're making so much money with this why do you want to package it into an ebook and sell it? That being said, let us know when you bring it to market or if you want someone experienced with DR to critique your copy/landers.
11/29/12 7:13 PM
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I'd buy it

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