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1/26/12 4:35 PM
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 Ok, guys.

There are a limited number of "official" vendors who train people in the Carotid Restraint. NLETC and PPCT come to mind with NLETC maintaining a literal "Strangle Hold" on the copyright of the term LVNR. If you have been through the NLETC training, you already know that very little of it is actually taking the subject to the point of unconsciousness. There are actually stages of intensity where the subject can comply or submit prior to going to sleep which actually makes up about 90% of the practice time. You also know that they are very strict on the angle of the arms and hand to hand position as opposed to the RNC that we know from BJJ, Judo and MMA, etc.

How many of you have received offical LEO training in regards to this tactic and what have you seen through your experience?
1/31/12 5:19 PM
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 I'm a full instructor under the PPCT system so I cannot comment on the NLETC method, however PPCT does use the 3 stages of compliance which I have some problems with. In all of my experience not one person has stood still while I attempted a UVNR. It is 100% an active battle when you are attempting to apply this restraint. The officer really has no chance to attempt compliance in the first two stages because he or she is physically fighting to defend themself.

Bottom line an RNC works when done right as does the LVNR it is just the public misconception of it being a vicious choke that makes it a "non approved" hold for many departments.

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