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2/15/12 6:33 AM
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Hey all,

Posted this on the main page to but figured it might hit more of its target audience here. Sorry for the double up.

I have a silver ticket for UFC on FX 2: Alves vs. Kampmann for sale. Long and the short of it is that a mate and I were going but he has had to pull the pin for personal reasons. I refunded the $100 he paid me but find myself in a bind. I am willing to sell it for $50. I have outlined the positives and negatives of said deal below...If you see more positivers than negatives send me a PM.

Negative - You are buying a single ticket and will be seated between 2 randoms.

Positive - One of those randoms will be me. I am awesome, just ask me!

Negative - Could this be scam...Is there really a ticket??

Positive - I suck at scams. I lost money running a 3 card monte table for my school fete in 1995.

Negative - This card seems weak compared to the others that have been here, it isn't even a PPV.

Positive - As an MMA connoisseur I can almost promise this card will deliver. You have 2 strikers who love to finish in a main event following a fly weight mini tourni to decide who fights later for the flyweight title. History in the making.

This ticket is in the boozing section so feel free to share a pint with me, in fact the first one is my shout. I am flying in that morning from Adelaide and can either mail you the ticket in advance (once payment is received) or meet you on the day (Sorry but I need payment in advance...Pranksters love this shyte and I can see myself getting stood up like the fat kid on prom night if I don't exercise at least some caution.

P.S. I am not a serial killer

Or am I?

2/16/12 2:09 PM
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 Where do you train/trane?

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