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3/24/12 11:12 PM
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Serving as a coach on the FX-broadcast "The Ultimate Fighter: Live" series, Cruz has shied away from conventional wisdom when it comes to fight selection, preferring instead to give up control of the matchups one week and choosing his opponent's top fighter the next.

There a simple reason for that, Cruz said. He's playing for keeps.

"I'm going straight for the jugular, straight in for the kill," Cruz told MMAjunkie.com following Friday's new episode of "TUF: Live." "I've done it since the beginning of my career. You start from the bottom, and you work to the top, and you get the 'W.'"

"It's weird [expletive]," UFC president Dana White admitted. "I've never seen this competition played the way that he's doing it, but who the [expletive] am I to yap? He's winning, right?"

At the conclusion of Friday's third episode, Cruz made another bold decision, selecting Myles Jury to take on Team Faber's top selection, Al Iaquinta.

"I think it's a tactic that you've never seen on 'The Ultimate Fighter,'" Cruz said. "I wanted to do something different and kind of surprise the team that I was up against. I think – again – Faber underestimated the way that I coach, the things that I do, the way that I think, the way that I fight. I had to use that to my advantage. I knew he would underestimate me because he's a cocky dude, as much as he doesn't want to admit it. It's worked out so far.

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3/24/12 11:32 PM
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It's actually a very smart strategy. Instead of matching your strong guys against their weak guys with their strong guys fighting your weak guys he is picking the best possible matchups to take out their strong guys. Once they get later into the season Dana picks the matchup so they lose that control. Phone Post
3/25/12 4:34 AM
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Van City 604
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Personally, I think it's a refreshing change to see the game played like this, and it makes for a much more exciting 1st round of fights, IMO. Eventually Dana will pick the match ups, so why not play it like this while u have the control. He's kind of embarrassing Faber with this strategy, I love it.
3/25/12 4:51 AM
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Somebody needs to screencap the poster of Dominick after they "Eddie Munster'd" it on TUF, along with that jugular quote. :)
3/25/12 4:43 PM
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Teddy KGB
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As much as I hate the prospect of having to see Cruz dominate Faber again in another fight, I have to say I am enjoying watching him out Alpha Faber at every turn in this seasons Ultimate Fighter.

Cruz pretty much had the fight won anyway just by being better than Faber but with all thats happened on the show I wouldn't be surpised if Cruz finishes faber in the first round in their rematch.

He not only has the physiacal edge now but also the mental edge.

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