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3/25/12 7:14 PM
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hey guys...

I've been fishing arougn on the internet for Luta Livre history and such, out of my fascination for the developement of martial systems. lots of cool info, and usually the argument that they were the forerunners of the modern no-gi movement.

there are a lot of reference to the LL guys and their use of leglocks. considering that the leg attacks are gaining popularity in no-gi comps (ADCC 2011...as an example), would you guys say that they had pioneered some of the setups back in the day?

do you know of any cool references or places to see some of these luta livre specifically oriented leg attacks? there's a guy in France, Flavio Peroba, who was really good at them when I went to France, and has some cool vids showing some, but I don't know of anywhere else.

I'm interested in both the history of luta livre and leg attacks, so i'm looking forward to anything that you can point me to....

3/28/12 3:20 AM
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The leg lock set ups were similar to catch's leg lock set up. From what I've seen, standard stuff from guard, mount, some rolling stuff.

But seriously... For leglocks go to imanari Phone Post

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