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4/5/12 1:03 PM
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Not sure which forum to put this in as it doesn't pertain directly to mma, but here goes:

Because of my job, I find myself out of town more often than back home. This makes being consistent with martial arts (MA) training very difficult.

Sure, I can knock-off a bunch of push-ups and burbees in my hotel room, but I consider that more S&C work than MA work.

Seeing as the towns I go to are rather small, finding places to train for just a few days are hard to find. And most schools aren't interested in some stranger signing up for a week.

That being said - can anyone recommend some good ressources, videos, DVDs for solo training? There must be stuff out there that is of decent quality.

At this point I really don't care which 'style' it is, it could be boxing, kick boxing, MT, Karate , Kung Fu (I've excluded grappling because without a partner it will be impossible to train), I really don't mind.

Let's hear what you got!
4/5/12 2:55 PM
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1 - you can always do shadow boxing, forms practice, etc.Use your TV in the room, every time they change camera angles do something different. When you see commercials do a different exercise(different kicks, change leads, footwork) for the duraction of the commercial. I still do that.

2 - If you box, just find a boxing club(YMCA), do the bags. There is almost always a trainer that will do someone focus pad work with you, hook you up with someone to do light sparring.

3 - If you do Judo/bjj and have had sufficient practice with them, ask if you can pay the mat fee and practice.

4 - If they have a regular gym, see if there is a boxing/kickboxing workout. Most gyms let you try their gym our for a free workout. You can also explain that you travel alot and can you pay for the day.

5 - Ask the hotel concierge if they know a gym with some MA related stuff where you can get some training in... They'll probably talk to their security guy who is a retired or off duty cop who will know some other cop who is into something...
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4/28/12 2:17 PM
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What's your training background? Without a little familiarity with some particular style, I think it's hard to get much from solo training (someone who's never had a day of boxing or any other striking style isn't going to get much out of shadowboxing or working a DE bag, imo).

Between work and family, I'm often limited to 2 days a week on the mat (on rough weeks, maybe just once); I try to do solo drilling to the extent I can pretty often. It's not as nice as actually training, but every little bit helps.

Im mostly focused on Sub grappling (No Gi), and most of my background is split between wrestling and no gi grappling; between the two of them, there are tons of crap you can work on by yourself.

Drilling sprawls, sit-outs, and stand-ups (though I haven't been purely wrestling for a little while, so I don't often bother with these) are all things you can do really anywhere; same for practicing bridging, shrimping, getting in "shadow-grappling" reps with the start of the hip bump escape, practicing your shot/penetration step, even doing the motion for lateral drops in the air and dropping to the mat. If you like throws, grab a bike tire and put it around the hinge of a doorway and practice gripping/twisting for whatever throws you like (common in judo; you can even get fancy and put some shoes on the floor to mimic your opponent's feet to practice foot placement).

There's almost always "something" you can do; check stickgrappler's old archives (google "stickgrappler.tripod" and you'll find it), he has some very helpful discussions archived from mma.tv's earlier days regarding ways to drill BJJ/grappling on your own.

I think it's only really useful to drill moves that you either use regularly or are in the process of introducing, though. I've had a lot of success in the last couple months doing some focused drilling on the days I can't make it in to the gym. I feel like it's helping develop muscle memory and keeping the movement patterns fresh while also giving me some decent conditioning work (shoots and sprawls are both phenomenal for this).

You can find a lot of info for free through google and youtube. What type of training are you involved with (when you are able)?

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